Timeless Winter Fragrances For Men To Wear in 2024

Timeless Winter Fragrances For Men To Wear in 2024

Cold weather fragrances are usually associated with spicy, woody, and smoky notes that radiate cosiness and evoke an unforgettable sense of mystique. To help you pick your new signature scent we have carefully created a list of the perfume brands with luxurious scents that won’t fade as the cold day progresses. Treat yourself to a unique men’s aftershave and mesmerize everyone around!

Royal and Lavish Mancera Perfumes

If you wish to build an impressive perfume wardrobe, Mancera fragrances are worth your attention. Mancera scents are composed of the most exquisite ingredients such as rare saffron, resins, leather, and agarwood that leave an intoxicating exotic trail everywhere you go. This niche fragrance brand was founded in 2008 in Paris and quickly became one of the most sought-after fragrance brands celebrated for their most authentic oriental scents.

Our Mancera favourites:

  • Mancera Wind Wood EDP for men is a refreshing yet sensual scent inspired by the cold wind from northern forests. Its composition contains oriental notes such as patchouli, musk, pink pepper, vetiver, and amber. This leather fragrance for men will surprise you with gentle violet notes in its fragrance heart that perfectly complement this masculine scent.
  • Mancera Aoud Line eau de parfum unisex is a bold scent that will immediately charm you with warm agarwood, patchouli, and amber in its composition. The surprising and fresh note of raspberry beautifully complements the cosy blend and the seductive hints of vanilla and rose accords bring a romantic drydown.

Warm and Cosy Novellista Fragrances

Explore the niche fragrance library created full of high-end scents inspired by well-known novels, stories, themes, and places. Every unique story in this library has its unforgettable scent composition that inspires its wearer to become the main character in his or her own life. Simply ‘your fragrance – your story’. Novellista fragrances are the new sensation you should definitely give a try this year.

Our Novellista favourites:

  • Novellista Deep Moon Eau de parfum for men was inspired by The Call of the Wild by Jack London. With only one spritz this fragrance takes you to the Canadian wilderness during the gold rush. Its creator Jean-Michel Santorini composed a sophisticated blend combining fresh notes of grapefruit and orange blossom with energetic ginger, sage, and spicy coriander followed by vetiver, vanilla, and moss in the fragrance base. You can enjoy natural ingredients, purest essences, and essential oils that make this fragrance a true olfactory experience.
  • Novellista Unique Wood EDP parfum unisex designed by French perfumer Cyrille Rolland is inspired by D.H. Lawrence’s and M.L. Skinner’s book Boy in the Bush. Its unusual and rich composition has unbeatable strength yet it is very gentle, warm, and sensual, perfect for everyday wear and also for special occasions. It combines pink pepper and lavender accords with violet leaf, tonka bean, amber wood, and vanilla, leaving a unique trail of wild nature accords.

Attention-grabbing Montale Scents

Montale perfume house gives you a perfect opportunity to cover yourself in the most complimented men’s fragrances in the world. This oriental fragrance brand was founded in 2003 in Paris by Pierre Montale who previously spent time in Saudi Arabia creating fragrances for kings and queens. Montale perfumes full of rare and natural ingredients of the highest quality will take you on a unique journey with every spritz.

Our Montale favourites:

  • Montale Red Vetiver eau de parfum for men is the best fragrance for all the admirers of woody scents. Its aromatic composition is full of delightful contrasts that turn this scent into a luxurious experience. The warming accords of vetiver, cedar, patchouli, and cedarwood are combined with juicy grapefruit, Peruvian Balm, and spice of pepper.
  • Montale Black Musk EDP unisex offers its wearer a mysterious scent that is an absolute head-turner. The sensual combination of woody accords and spiced notes creates a bold fragrance composed of exquisite ingredients such as leather, nutmeg, amber, patchouli, white musk, sandalwood, and teak wood.

Enjoy all the big New Year discounts and find your new signature scent perfectly suited for the cold weather.