What to do if an essay is not written?

What to do if an essay is not written?

If you haven’t written an essay that is due, it’s important not to panic.

Instead, take a structured approach to tackle the situation and submit a quality essay even with limited time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to do when an essay is not written and the time is ticking.

Stay calm

First things first, you must keep your head on your shoulders. Maintaining a composed mindset is crucial if you want any results. The instinct to panic can cloud your judgment and hinder your creative thinking. However, it is the worst you can do in this situation. Instead, take a few deep breaths to regain your focus. A calm mind will be a much better paper writer. Calmness opens the door to rational decision-making, enabling you to focus, plan, and tackle tasks without worries and stress.


Assess the situation

Now, let’s think of how much work is ahead of you. Have you already started working on this essay earlier and forgot to finish it? Do you have any ideas for the paper? Has any research been done already? Assess the scope of your future work to plan accordingly.

You need to carefully read the instructions, highlighting all essential requirements like topic, length, number of sources, etc. Building a better understanding of the assignment enables you to structure your tasks, ideas, and energy more effectively. Squeezing an essay into your packed schedule won’t be easy, but with the right assessment, it is quite possible.


Contact your instructors

There may be different reasons why your deadlines have sneaked up on you out of the blue. In case you did have a justifying reason to miss a deadline, you better explain your circumstances to the teachers. They may acknowledge the uniqueness of your situation and make an exception for you, just this once.

After all, we are all people, and things happen out of our control. However, don’t hesitate to write to your instructors as soon as possible. It will appear more legit and give them time to think of any alternative solution.


Plan your time

Evaluate the time available until the deadline and create a realistic schedule. By now, you should know how long it takes you to write a page, find necessary sources, and edit. So keep your planning close to these numbers with a little room for adjustments.

Keep in mind that essays are not only about writing. They also require time for brainstorming, researching, outlining, drafting, and revising. Setting time boundaries for each of these tasks ensures a balanced workflow in the limited time you have.


Brainstorm and outline

Depending on the nature of the essay, you might need to gather information. Use reliable sources like academic journals, books, and reputable websites. Focus on gathering key points and evidence that directly support your main arguments.

Next, brainstorm the ideas related to the topic, followed by a basic outline featuring an introduction, main arguments, and conclusion. This blueprint should give you enough clarity, making your writing process more coherent, fast, and efficient.


Start writing

Start with the introduction. Clearly state your thesis and provide a preview of what your essay will cover. Then, move on to the body paragraphs, each dedicated to one main point. Support each point with evidence and explanations. Finally, write your conclusion summarizing your main arguments and reinforcing your thesis.


Proofread, edit, and revise

Even though you’re working under time pressure, try to proofread your essay as thoroughly as possible. Correct any typos or grammatical errors you find. Pay extra attention to all references you’ve included. You want your references well cited to avoid being flagged with plagiarism.

If you have some time left, review and edit your essay for clarity, coherence, grammar, and spelling errors. If time is tight, at least skim through for major errors that could impact your essay’s readability. Just think of that: once you are done, you can relax and listen to the best podcasts for college students. Let the eyes relax and your mind rest.


Get help

You should always aim to complete your essay well before the deadline. However, if this is simply not happening, seek alternative routes. Fortunately, various online services can help you submit a paper under a very short deadline. You can look into the service analysis and see how to find professional help online you can rely on in the time of crisis.


Bottom line

These strategies should help you take control of this dreadful situation and manage your assignment without panic. However, keep in mind that these tips should only be the last resort. Ideally, you should always plan your essay writing ahead. You want to avoid this unnecessary stress and have enough room for rewriting and editing.

Plus, some buffer time is also a good idea in case of any technical issues or unexpected circumstances. Of course, no one plans to do an essay at the last minute if they have a choice. So, hopefully, these tips will enhance your productivity when it’s most needed.