When is the best time for interior and exterior painting?

When is the best time for interior and exterior painting?

Painting is not a job that can be done at any time of the year. There are many issues that can have a significant impact on a painting project. The effect depends not only on humidity – environment is also a meaningful factor. It is easier to get a fresh coat of paint on exterior surfaces in spring, but there are also many issues that should be taken into consideration while painting the interiors. When is the best time for it?

Best weather to paint outside

You have probably never seen anyone standing on a ladder with a paint roller in his hand in the dead of winter. If you plan to cover your exterior house walls with a paint, the weather needs to cooperate. Do not start the job if you are inexperienced, because there are many catches that you might not be aware of. You surely care about the overall look. Definitely consider hiring a professional painting and decorating company in London that will nail the job.

The best time for painting is during warm and dry days. Before setting a date with the painting team, look at the weather for a few days before and after painting. Rainy weather can really ruin your plans as rain will wet the siding that needs a couple of days to fully dry. Make sure it is dry also the next day after the application, so the paint is running dry for at least 24 hours.

Temperature drop

Big temperature fluctuations from day to night can have a negative impact on your exterior surfaces. There are many places that register a sudden temperature drop after the sun goes down. This may result in a cracking and less smooth paint. If you ask an experienced painting and decorating company in London, the specialists will advise you to choose from early summer and early fall days to start your painting project.

Interior painting

In case of interior painting, things look a little bit different. Summer is the season when people usually want to jump into action and update the look of their house. It turns out that this is not the best time for painting, as many painting and decorating companies in London work outside. This means lower availability and higher rates per hour.

Winter is the season you should take into consideration while planning to paint your interiors. If you complain about the cold, closed windows and lack of ventilation, you should know that many premium paints nowadays do not cause fumes. If you choose the right people to paint, you can have the project perfectly fulfilled in the middle of winter, in a heated space.

Inside painting on a snowy or rainy day?

Although the right weather conditions play a vital role, the painting is still likely to be done on damper days. Again, choosing a professional painting and decorating company in London is the best decision as the team can create an ideal environment for optimal results.

In fact, it is never a bad time to paint, if you work with the experts. The results depend on a number of factors and if you have no clue about the paint types, techniques or preparing surfaces, you better hire a professional staff.