A Foolproof Guide to Buying Men’s Fragrance

A Foolproof Guide to Buying Men’s Fragrance

Men are spending more money on fragrances than ever before…

By 2025, male consumers in the US are predicted to be spending almost $2.3 billion annually. While many of us wait until birthdays and Christmas to top up our cologne collections, there comes a time when the call for a new signature scent can’t be ignored any longer. Considering a rethink of your favourite fragrance? Read on for a foolproof guide to ensure you’re picking the right scent for you.

What Are Fragrance Notes?

All those mentions of base and top notes aren’t just flowery advertising. In fact, the best male fragrances are as complex as aromatic pinot noir. Being able to study fragrance notes is a useful skill if you’re looking to sniff out something new to add to your repertoire. The good news is you don’t have to overthink it. Look for the most obvious characteristics and see if they work for you. If you’re a fan of citrus-inspired aromas, something like Versace Eros is a good choice. Here, you’ll find elements of apple, lemon and cooling mint, for a fresh and zesty scent that will put a spring in your step.

It’s a Good Idea to Rotate Fragrance

Some scents work well in the summer months, but you’ll probably want to wear something different as the nights draw in and winter gets into gear. Seasonality is something else to consider when choosing a fragrance. During spring, reach for intense aromas rich in floral notes and citrus elements. You can wear this long into summer, but it’s a good idea to introduce something more refreshing. In winter, a more intense eau de parfum is called for. Traditionally masculine notes like spice, musk and leather are a good fit for colder weather. If you’ve spent your money wisely, a handful of bottles should comfortably last you an entire year, if not longer.

Seek Out Samples Before You Buy

Fragrance samples aren’t just a way to save you money in the short term. They can also let you see how a scent performs in real life. How do the notes develop during the day? Will you need to regularly apply to enjoy the aromatic intensity you’re looking for? Additionally, using samples lets you check how your skin interacts with the ingredients found in your go-to fragrance. Many synthetic ingredients can cause irritations. However, even natural ones like balsam and citronella can irritate sensitive skin. If you’re prone to allergies or acne, think about performing a patch test to see how well you cope with a new scent.

Ask Around

Studying ingredient lists and reading online reviews will only get you so far. Ultimately, the best way to find your new favourite fragrance is to use your nose. Try heading to a high street store to sample the goods yourself. You can always take your recommendations home with you and seek out a more budget-friendly purchase online. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to ask other people what they’re wearing. If a friend or colleague is sporting an impressive new scent, be upfront and ask them what brand they use.