Alteration Couture

Alteration Couture: Find Your Best Fit

Alteration Couture: Find Your Best Fit

Florence Hopkins, of Alteration Couture, talks about her experience in the fashion industry and tailoring the alteration experience to clients’ needs and expectations

Tell us a bit about your business.
Alterations Couture Ltd is a new shop in Raynes Park that specialises in clothing alterations for both women and men’s wear. We also have a bespoke design service.

How did you get into your chosen career and why?
I have experience of over 30 years in dress making and had the pleasure of working under top British designers, such as Kathrine Walker who designed for Princess Diana and now for the Duchess of Cambridge. Also, I worked under Angela Stone who is another one of Britain’s leading designers.

This created a passion for working with bridal dresses and gave me the knowledge to be able to work as a fi tting manager in the bridal room owned by British bridal designer Caroline Castigliano. I also worked in the bridal room at Berketex bridal, Brides by Losners and David’s Bridal.

Working in the bridal rooms created different kinds of challenges with each dress that gave me invaluable knowledge.

What makes your business stand out?
My experience over the years of dressmaking, and dealing with complicated delicate design, and the art of garment construction. This has given me the knowledge and confidence to take apart a garment, correct any problems, and put it back together, so that it comes back to the original design.

I aim to listen to my client and get a clear understanding of what they are looking to achieve. Where my advice is needed, I discuss with them how to achieve the best possible solution.

We have a team of tailors and seamstresses with experience of 20-28 years. There is nothing as good for me as seeing a bride or client happy with the end product.

What has been your best business decision over the last few years?
The past five years I have worked with Heavenly Bodies Bridal who deal in bridal dresses plus sizes 20-34. This has brought with it an expansion of knowledge and opportunity to understand different body shapes.

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