Face Time

Face Time

From uber hydration and a face gym to Madonna’s facialist, which skin wonders should you be trying?

With all manner of lifting, firming, toning and cleansing wizardry on offer, we look at what’s behind some of the latest trends and treatments…

The Hydrofacial

The HydraFacial has fast become the celebrity weapon of choice. We tried it out at nakedhealth MEDISPA in Coombe Lane and were blown away by the instant radiance it delivered. Skin looked smoother, and full of health. We started with Visia skin analysis, a special machine that photographs the inner workings of your skin, to identify specific skincare needs, and then onto the tailored facial, which is made up of several stages, aiming to cleanse, extract and hydrate. Various wands are employed – gentle cupping for lymphatic drainage to send toxins on their way, dead skin cells are removed with a fruit acid and blackheads eliminated, and superhydrating ingredients pumped deep into the skin. An LED light finishes off the treatment – either red to calm down inflammation, or blue to prevent breakouts. Read more at

The Oxygen Facial

The Linda Meredith (LM) salon in Knightsbridge was the first salon in the UK to offer oxygen treatments, which attracted a huge celebrity following, beginning with Madonna. The salon’s oxygen treatments use a medical grade oxygen and vitamin-enriched serums and mists with high percentages of important ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and beta glucan to visibly plump and firm the skin. “Oxygen treatments vary from cosmetic to medical grade, the latter being more effective. The key however is the vitamin enriched serum plus essential ingredients to stimulate cell regeneration,” explains Linda Meredith.

“A one-off oxygen treatment for a big event will give an amazing result but the importance of a course is to build up a reservoir in the skin maintaining the results over two to three months. If the client is unable to complete a course, we have designed homecare oxygen masks which they can follow up at home.” Linda also says new LM treatments can be done right before a big event with no risk of breakouts. “The LM facials were designed to prevent this from happening. In particular the Haute Couture – a unique micro-peel ensures no bacteria remains, which is generally the cause of a breakout. I should add that most breakouts today are caused by diet so if you are stressed don’t reach for the sugar.”

Work it Out!

Taking a different route is Face Gym; the UK’s only gym studio for the face. This unusual, non-invasive facial workout uses a range of lifting and sculpting routines, leaving cheekbones defined and skin fresh and dewy. The company has venues at Selfridges and in Chelsea. “Results are immediate but like with any workout the results last longer and are more permanent with consistency as muscles have memory. “There are 40-plus muscles in the face which need to be worked out just like the muscles in the body and Face Gym has created a unique muscle manipulation technique to tone, tighten and sculpt the face.” Straight after a workout you look tighter, firmer, lifted and more toned.

Self Care

No matter what you do in the salon, keep up the good work at home. Linda Meredith notes that your evening routine is crucial: “We all put something on in the morning before make-up or SPFs, but while we sleep our skin is relaxed allowing vital ingredients to work at their optimum level. Your priority when you arrive home should always be to remove make-up, air pollution and any toxins secreted from the skin during the day then apply your night products. Don’t wait until you are ready to fall into bed!”