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The hottest hairstyles and colours for 2022

The hottest hairstyles and colours for 2022

In with the new! Here are the trendy hairstyles and most stunning colours for 2022!

One of the most dramatic and confidence-boosting ways to update your look is to go for a new cut or colour. So, what’s hot for 2022 and what will work for you?


Red alert

Many of us went for more natural shades when visits to our salons were curtailed during lockdowns but we’re embracing bold colours once again – particularly red. And it can work for most skin tones. “From very bright coppers to strawberry blondes, expect to see a major comeback of warm, reddish tones for 2022,” says Paco Latorre, creative director at Live True London.

Model Gigi Hadid set the trend in motion with her red hair transformation in the autumn. Since, Google Trends has noticed a surge in searches around this colourway with “copper hair colour” up 80%, “burgundy hair colour” up 50% and “red hair colour” up 37%! Says Sian Quinn, creative colour ambassador for Headmasters: “Red is a great shade as we can alter it to suit all different skin tones, adding warmth with a classic copper-based red for our clients with undertones of pink or alabaster or in contrast creating blue-based reds which works for cooler skin tones.”


Create drama

Bold slices of colour are coming our way this year. Sian notes: “Hair colour has been very soft, emulating what would happen naturally in the sun. For 2022 that will be flipped, and we will be seeing more high-definition, with bold slicing of colour with a modern twist, think Christina Aguilera circa 2000’s with the bleached and black stripes but rather then placing this into a foil or balayage we will be seeing it painted directly onto the scalp to create a big contrast.” More subtle contrasts can be superflattering with hair contouring a top trend, painting a face framing colour around your hairline that is a few shades lighter than the rest of your hair.

Adds Sian: “Another trend we will be seeing will be customised colour, saying goodbye to dull over-bleached hair and hello to skintone flattering bespoke colours, there will be a demand for stylists to create colours that suit the client’s skin tone.


Embrace your curls

There’s a big move towards embracing our natural curls and textures. And working with what we have not against it to create statement multi-dimensional styles as well as keeping it in tip-top condition.


Classic bobs

With or without a fringe, this timeless style is here to stay. Soft cuts around the jaw line and longer more defined shoulder-length shapes are the looks to try for an on-trend update. Or go for a blunt cut that is so now, giving definition and drama.


Luxury locks

For 2022, the trend is for hair that has an expensive quality to it. “It doesn’t matter if it’s pink, purple or a full head of copper – the hair has to be elegant, classy and look luxurious,” says Paco. To achieve this, rose gold tones will be used to add a glossy, golden, expensive-looking sheen to strands. As part of this luxe trend, enjoy the return of the big blow-dry for a polished look.

We’re going all out for as much glamour as possible!