LouBelle Beauty

LouBelle Beauty: Your Local Salon

We talk to the team at Loubelle Beauty about their treatments and what makes the company stand out from the crowd

When did you set up Loubelle and what inspired you to get into beauty?
I set up Loubelle Beauty in 2012 after moving to London from South Africa. I had a hunger and desire to offer customers something different – not just great beauty treatments, but to provide the service in a family-run environment that offered time and a more personal approach. Some of our customers have been coming to the salon since the start.

How do you ensure your treatments and products are of the highest quality?
I use only the best, high quality products, which together with many hours of high quality industry training, enable me to produce amazing treatments for my clients in a beautiful, relaxed environment. I also believe that we should never stop learning, so I continually attend world conferences and new top level training to build on the extensive knowledge that I have gained over the years.

What do you love about your job?

I found my passion, and spend the majority of my time living and breathing my career. Its amazing to be able to impact the lives of my clients in such a positive way, it never feels like a job! It is who I am and what I do.

Where do you see the company further down the line, do you have anything exciting in the pipeline?

I have big long-term goals for the business, including stores in the larger cities in the UK. We are very proud to announce our new partnership with GERnétic International where we will be launching the brand across the UK in the coming months. GERnétic is a skincare brand where the products are the outcome of extensive cellular biology and advanced biotechnology. The purest, most powerful active ingredients are used to prompt the skin to repair itself from the inside. Each skin is unique and must be nourished in a specific way. GERnétic is available in over 54 countries worldwide. It is a comprehensive brand and addresses all skin problems, even the most challenging ones.

What makes the services provided at Loubelle different?

I have a passion for excellence which motivates me to deliver outstanding treatments. I am very highly qualified and have trained with top trainers all over the world. I offer my clients a personal service tailored to their specific needs, we don’t offer a one-fits-all approach! I like to allow enough time for treatments so the client feels relaxed and at ease in the salon. I believe in a personal relationship, when the client is comfortable they then trust in me and together we can achieve the desired outcome. I aim to provide a comprehensive range of services where you will get the most out of a treatment for your money. We offer a discrete service for the more discerning client and like to be sensitive to the clients’ needs. My belief that ongoing education and updating one’s skills on a regular basis are paramount to long-term success in the beauty industry.

LouBelle Beauty
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