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Skinglow: Skin Intuition

Richmond-based skin specialist, Tetyana, speaks to us about her forward-thinking approach to skin at Skinglow clinic

Tetyana tell us about your experience and background?

Interest in skin started in my early teens. I had to face the challenge of dealing with hormonal breakouts and had very little understanding of how I could help myself.

I started to look into skin health and importance of nutritional value to really understand the concept of healthy skin. In my twenties I noticed that skin is always facing some challenges due to changes in our body hormonally and being affected by environmental factors such as sun, pollution, water and stress. This led me to where I wanted my career to be.

I trained in Dublin and graduated in 2004, obtaining the highest qualifi cation within the beauty industry in Europe.

I opened my first beauty clinic in Dublin in 2006 to great success. I grew my practice and gained experience by working with cosmeceutical skin care companies as Environ, Image, Nimue to name a few.

Now back in London for the past five years, my sole focus is all things skin.

What is your philosophy at the clinic and how do you work with clients?

My practice at the clinic is unique. I take my clients on the journey to healthy, glowing skin with an inside out approach. I not only treat their skin topically but offer nutritional advice and create a personalised home care routine to help and get the best possible results.

All my treatments are bespoke and start with a thorough skin consultation and discussion about diet. I then put a treatment plan in place that involves pharmacosmeceutical skincare grade products in combination with various machines (laser, led light therapy, dermapen/microneedling, salt microdermabrasion) in order to obtain maximum skin health, rejuvenation and correction. I always stress the importance of a correct home skin care regime as it allows my clients to maintain their results and continue to support healthy functioning of their skin in between the visits.

I specialise in treating skin conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, acne and general anti-ageing. I work with a pharmacosmeceutical skin care range pH formula.

I chose these products due to the combination and concentration of active ingredients and unique delivery system that allows to bring all these important nutrients deep down into the skin cellular levels. This is where the skin requires correction and preservation, where the real change happens, once the treatment is in place.

I am also one of only three people in the country that offers treatments with dual yellow laser for skin rejuvenation, skin imperfections such as broken capillaries, pigmented lesions, skin tag and mole removal.

For the last three years I have been working in a beautiful clinic that is discretely situated off
Crown Road in St.Margarets and have helped many men, woman, teenagers with their skin problems. I love delivering results and that is one of the most rewarding feelings I get when I see my clients smiling and being confi dent about their skin.

What changes have you seen in your industry in the last five years?

The industry is constantly changing, clients are becoming much more informed on skin health optimisation and seek out highly experienced professionals to carry out their treatments. This is where it becomes serious as the skin knowledge in combination with top grade pharma cosmeceutical skin care products allows me as a professional skin care specialist to treat many skin conditions with very minimal down time and maximum results.

What do you plan to offer in the future?

My job is to always keep researching and educating myself in order to stay on top of my fi eld and be able to offer best possible result driven treatments and skin care advice.

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