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Smooth Your Body

Top treatments to help smooth, sculpt and tone those stubborn areas

Check out the latest treatments available to smooth your body. Stimulate your body’s natural collagen with radiofrequency. Find out about CoolSculpt – the treatment every Mummy is raving about or target your cellulite with a deep tissue massage.

Tuning in to the radio

Radiofrequency energy stimulates the body’s natural collagen, and can be used to contour your shape and treat cellulite. EndyMed treats bums, tums and thighs, along with smaller areas such as upper arms. The full effect is seen around three months after a course of treatment. Areas treated look smoother and more lifted.

The big freeze

CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling technology to target fat cells, which are frozen, then die, and are naturally disposed of by the body. Full results are seen around two to three months after treatment. CoolSculpting can be used on many areas of the body, including abdomen, thighs, hips and upper arms, as well as that impossible-to-budge bra fat. The results can be permanent.

Massage it out

Endermologie is a deep-tissue massage, which many people find relaxing, and is used to target cellulite, typically in areas such as thighs and derrières. Rollers and suction fold and unfold the skin, manipulating the tissue, breaking down fat, increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Excess fluid is also eliminated. Ideally, you need around two a week, with an average of ten recommended.

Sculpt the body you want

Emsculpt is a machine that both builds muscle and burns fat in 30 minutes, using an electromagnetic field that passes through the skin, triggering powerful muscle contractions. It is being used for butt lifts, toned abs and ‘moobs’. Four sessions are recommended.