7 Summer Beauty Treatments We Want Right Now


Top to toe salon must-haves as we step into the summer season

Words: Imogen Willis

As we gear up for a sociable summer ahead and look forward to the possibility of holidays, we want to look and feel our best, and with our salons back open there’s a wealth of treatments at our disposal to do just that.

1 Shatush hair colouring for natural sun-kissed locks

A good hair day can leave you feeling calm, empowered and joyful. Shatush hair treatments, similar to balayage, embrace your natural hair colour whilst incorporating lighter hues for a soft sun-kissed look. With a subtle face-framing cut, this look will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated, putting a bounce in your step. GA Salons in Wimbledon Park offers a shatush treatment using natural ingredients such as chamomile, rhubarb and henna, infusing hair with colour and vibrance without harsh chemicals.

2 Mesmerizing eyelash tinting and lifting

For those who want to be able to dive into the pool this summer without worrying whether your waterproof mascara really is waterproof, eyelash tinting and lifting is the answer you need for fuller-looking, water-resistant lashes. TL Professional provides an LVL lash lift and tint which emphasises natural length and volume, curling your natural lashes and setting them with a solution to give the appearance of more body. With less maintenance and upkeep needed than extensions, tinting and lifting will provide you with a fluttery thick frame, alongside a choice of lash colour to emphasise your eyes.


Glow with a HydraFacial

To recover from hours in front of a screen working from home, a HydraFacial treatment awakens dull-looking skin by targeting dry spots and sun-damaged areas to restore a healthy glow. Starting with exfoliation and pore extraction, a gentle glycolic and salicylic solution is then applied to the face to brighten the skin, followed by a soothing mix of antioxidants and peptides for skin hydration, and finishing with an LED light treatment to stimulate collagen and reduce redness. This treatment will maximise your glow, intensely hydrating your skin and offering a more youthful and even appearance. Head to the experts at NakedHealth MEDISPA.


Teeth whitening for that eye-catching summer smile

Be ready to wow with brightened teeth and an easier smile. Try at-home teeth whitening with your dentist providing custom-made trays to fit your teeth for you to use with the whitening formula – either for an hour during the day or overnight. Results are seen within two to four weeks. Try Dental Rooms in Wimbledon Village, which also offers in-chair whitening for an easy single-visit, ideal if you have an imminent event.


Laser hair removal

Although shaving and waxing have become less prominent in the minds of most of us over the winter, the maintenance and upkeep of fuzz-free legs in the summer can become quite time consuming. With salons reopening, there will finally be the opportunity to book laser hair removal appointments, offering a longer-term solution to remove excess or unwanted hair. Premier Laser and Skin in Kingston suggests 6 – 8 sessions four to six weeks apart, although you should see results after the first one.


Love for hands and feet

Bring colour to your nails and restore nail beds with a manicure or pedicure. Head to the lovely Take Time London in Wimbledon Village – whether you’re feeling like a classic deep red, or more pastel hues, you can have your nails the colour and length you desire, and restore softness to your cuticles after months of hand washing and sanitising.


Dermarolling skin blemishes

Sooth the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring or stretch marks in time for summer. Avanti Skin Clinic’s Dermarolling treatment provides just this. During treatments a microneedle roller stimulates collagen and elastin production by penetrating your skin to activate a self- healing process in cells. If you are looking for a longer-term solution to resolving skin blemishes, then this is it.