Take Time Boutique

Take Time for Yourself

We talk to the Emma and Vanessa at Take Time London to find out what makes their boutique so special

Tell us about the Take Time Boutique

Emma: Vanessa and I have both worked in the beauty and wellness industry for many years and we share a passion for two things, fashion and delivering exceptional customer service. We are different in many ways but we work so well together, we remind each other that the very essence of the concept of Take Time London is balance. We definitely balance each other out and we have become a great partnership with a true genuine friendship.

Tell us about your business venture

Vanessa: It has always been the dream to have our own boutique. We both feel like the beauty service industry is really changing. For a few years now, nail bars have been prominent on the high street, however more people are searching for better customer service, hygienic environment and they are actually starting to care about the health of their nails after treatments such as gel manicures. I am always researching ingredients and testing products and had worked with Bio Sculpture before, but it was really their launch of the EVO gel product range that caught my eye. They have created one of the only gel products on the market that is non-toxic, cruelty free, breathable and causes no damage to the natural nail.

What makes your business stand out?

Vanessa: The extra touches. Luxury products, a hygienic clean environment with all tools sterilised in an autoclave-only opened for your treatment in front of you. Gorgeous coffee and a range of teas, Prosecco or water infused with essential oils. Great music – chilled but not dull, and beautiful scents as you enjoy your ‘me time’ experience, whether that be 15 minutes for a Tidy Brow Time or an hour for a luxury pedicure.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Emma: We love making people happy and beauty and wellbeing really helps to do that. If you are having a bit of a low day and you get your nails done, it cheers you up.

Vanessa and I have so much passion for our brand and this spreads through to how we want to make our employees feel. We hope that we have created a happy, kind and respectful working environment and I think this passes through to the customer in the service that they receive. Every step of the way through this journey we have been reminded the importance of staying true to your beliefs and not cutting corners on things that we believe make us different and special. When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work! We look forward to meeting more people and becoming part of the community in Wimbledon.

Take Time Boutique
21 Church Road , Wimbledon Village, Sw19 5DQ
020 8944 7096