The “Most Innovative” Golf Shoe By Nike

The “Most Innovative” Golf Shoe Ever Produced By Nike

Golfposer checked out the new Nike Air Zoom infinity Tour golf shoes to see what makes them so innovative

Nike is known for its innovations in everything from running shoes to athletic tops. Their latest innovation is one that will be of interest to all golfers and has been created with Brooks Koepka. The result is their new Nike Air Zoom infinity Tour golf shoe. Golfposer checked them out to see what makes them so innovative.

Comfortable golfing shoe

The average golfer will walk around four miles on a single round of golf and that means having comfortable shoes is a huge part of your kit. If you are uncomfortable and your feet are sore, there’s a good chance you won’t be playing your best golf. This is why golfers pay so much for quality golf shoes.

But what about something that is a little different; something even more comfortable than ever before? What about reconstructing a traditional running shoe to perform as well as a tour spec golf shoe? This was the challenge that Koepka set Nike when he started working with them in November 2017. To create a shoe that offers speed and comfort, giving the best energy return from the ground up.

Why the innovation was needed

Brooks Koepka has one of the fastest swinging speeds in the tour, reaching up to 128mph. He wanted a shoe that blended the comfort and style of a running shoe but had all the features that a golf shoe needs, allowing him to generate as much power as possible from the ground.

The project highlighted something that is common – golf clubs and balls are seen as equipment, but footwear is seen more as an accessory. However, Nike believed this shouldn’t be the case and that footwear should be part of the equipment that a player uses and that helps them on the course.

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoe

The result was the Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoe which is being released online at Golfposer this April. The shoe is designed to help capture and redistribute some of the kinetic energy that comes from the feet but is often lost during the swing.

Nike looked at pressure maps, where traction elements needed to be positioned and how to create a holistic system that transfers power along the kinetic chain. They looked at three key areas – the fit to reduce in-shoe movement, the ride to retain the most energy and the traction to prevent slippage. They even worked with Koepka who measured his swing with and without the shoes, finding an improvement when he was wearing them versus his normal golfing shoes.

Not only that, but the shoe brings in elements from other successful Nike ranges. These include the Zoom Strobe plate that was tested by Kevin Durant in Nike Basketball’s KD12 and the weather-resistant material first seen in their Soccer shoes. It also combines elements such as Nike REACT foam used in their running shoes.

A new benchmark

The result is a pair of golf shoes that set a new benchmark for technology and innovation, giving a higher level of comfort while making the most of the natural energy that a golfer produces to help their game. The shoes will be released in April 2020 with several colours available to shop online at