Review: Wishmas: Embark on this magical festive tour

Review: Wishmas: Embark on this magical festive tour in Waterloo

Wishmas: Embark on this magical Christmas tour

Tucked away down a quiet street a couple of minutes from Waterloo, you’ll find the magical world of Wishmas.

What is Wishmas my kids chorused?

Good question I wasn’t sure.

But all was soon revealed as we were whisked away on an enchanting tour comprising of six different rooms on our mission to save Wishmas.

Greeted by animated elves and robins, we were welcomed into the Sorting Office where the Wishkeeper was busy sorting out wishes.

Then onto the Wishmas train which took us skimming over the sights of London and into the clouds, a simulator using movement and LG OLED Technology to simulate a journey in the sky.

The kids were transfixed and all Wishkeepers were bursting with enthusiasm, and the children were made to feel very much part of the story and narrative.

But on the journey we encountered some problems and wishes were lost and so we were then on an interactive journey with the Wishkeepers to stop time, and get the wishes back.

A move away from traditional wooden toys, Wishmas incorporates more modern games for the kids and my 6 and 8 year old loved the Merry Maps of Everywhere room where we used reindeer trackers to help find the missing pieces of the puzzle on the wall and put them back together.

It’s then on to the Great Clock of Nowhere where we had to turn the cogs as quickly as possible to stop time which allowed us to join Father Christmas and put the Wishes back into the Wish-stream and save Wishmas.

Again a more physical activity and less passive than the more traditional experiences.

For those keen on the whole she-bang you can go in and have a one to one with Father Christmas where he thanks you for saving Wishmas and you’re presented with a gift. Delightful.

All in all a charming and festive hour for all the family and anyone wanting to get into the Christmas spirit after a morning’s shopping. The experience ends in the Christmas markets, where you can do a bit of browsing, pick up some gifts and enjoy a mulled wine or hot chocolate.

What more could one wish for?!