Demon Dentist review

Demon Dentist review

Demon Dentist review

David Walliams’s tale of a villainous dentist makes a compelling play perfect for a Halloween half-term treat. By our teen guest reviewer Tobias Lofthouse


The play Demon Dentist is based on David Walliams’s popular children’s book, which was published in 2013 and follows the story of a 12-year-old boy by the name of Alfie who has horrid teeth. As the tale progresses, a new dentist arrives at the town where he lives. It is soon revealed she is doing horrible things and has a disturbing obsession with teeth.

The first half of the play was used to introduce characters and create a backstory about the main protagonist (Alfie) and his poorly dad. There were constant and quick changes of scenes that were done really well, making it feel like the characters were actually travelling around the town.

The second half was what really caught my eye as there were many special effects that kept the viewer engaged. What was particularly impressive was the dentist’s underground lair where sounds and smoke created an evocative atmosphere

The play did a good job in keeping it funny which only made it the better to watch. Actors over-emphasised emotions and the director included a lot of musical elements.

As a thirteen-year-old who has grown up enjoying David Walliams’s books, I was interested in how the play would be and I wasn’t disappointed. Overall, I think Demon Dentist is great for a family trip to the theatre, though guidance is advised for really young kids as there are some scary moments.

New Wimbledon Theatre, Until 22 October

Image: Mark Douet