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Discover Clapham South’s Secret Tunnels

Discover Clapham South’s Secret Tunnels

Did you know that underneath Clapham South Tube station and its surrounding streets lies a secret labyrinth of underground passages?

Built during Second World War and boasting over one mile of corridors, at the time this deep-level shelter had several canteens, medical stations and enough sleeping quarters to accommodate up to 8,000 local people. And now you can explore its maze of rooms and corridors too!

London Transport Museum is running a new season of its guided Hidden London tours until 15 January, with tickets for Clapham South available to book now. The tour was written by the Museum’s own historical experts using exclusive content drawn from its extensive archive and collection. The tour is a really unique opportunity to discover little-known historical facts about Clapham and to discover how the area changed during the 20th century.

London Transport Museum’s exclusive Hidden London tour unlocks the door to this historical site, allowing you to experience all this local history right where it all took place. Along your journey back in time, you’ll be able to spot the many wartime vintage signs, learn what life was like for the local community during those dark days and see how they resiliently coped with the difficult circumstances.

The tour then takes you through the 20th century, and you can discover how the space was reworked into different, sometimes surprising uses after the war, even becoming a basic hotel for the ‘Festival of Britain’ goers in 1950s. It also explores how Clapham South became the first home in Britain for some of the Caribbean migrants who arrived on the HMT Empire Windrush.

Along the way you’ll hear the true stories and testimonials of the people who lived and sheltered there along the years, really bringing the space back to life.

London Transport Museum will also be running other Hidden London tours in the new year, unlocking the secrets of other parts of the London Underground network. This includes tours of Shepherd’s Bush’s original 19th century passageways and

features. Ticket holders can also explore Moorgate station – one of the oldest in London – and its metropolitan maze of secret corridors. At Piccadilly Circus you can discover long-hidden Edwardian design features (with details of its surprising wartime connections). And at Charing Cross, explore ‘abandoned’ Jubilee line platforms that are now used as film sets and which have featured in films such as including Skyfall (2012), Paddington Bear (2013), and TV’s 24 (2014).

If going underground isn’t your thing or you’d rather cosy up at home this winter, there are also eight virtual Hidden London tours on sale, allowing you to visit out-of-bounds areas including a behind the scenes looks at Liverpool Street and Tottenham Court Road stations on the Elizabeth line; and King William Street Bank, the first disused deep-level Tube station.

Tours of Clapham South will be running from 4 to 15 January 2023, from Wednesday to Sunday. Special reduced rates are also offered for Matinee weekday tours. To book visit