Neive, Lillie, Clara, Ollie Down Syndrome awareness month

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Wouldn’t Change A Thing

A fab music video has been released for Down Syndrome Awareness Month

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and a special music video has been created featuring families with children with Down Syndrome on why they ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing.’ The #WCAT urban track positively tackles how mainstream individuals might feel uncomfortable around disability and why. It is performed and written by ‘The Bitterati’ and produced by Simon Frankland who’s daughter Neive has Down Syndrome.

Chloe Smith, from Surrey, is 23, has Downs Syndrome and is an ambassador for Wouldn’t Change A Thing. Her mum Joanne Smith says: “It has been amazing as she’s met so many new people. It’s so important to Chloe and her family that people see that she is able, can achieve and live her life to the fullest.”

“Chloe has her own social media platforms @chloe_signz where she shares daily Makaton sign videos and things that she’s been up to. She teaches Makaton signing sessions at her group Dramatize to her peers which she loves. Her involvement in the WCAT campaign is Chloe and her ‘boss’ talking about why they wouldn’t change a thing about Chloe.”

Joanne started Dramatize nine years ago as she didn’t feel there were many options for young people with learning disabilities in the area. “I strongly feel our young people should have choices over their lives,” she adds.
Watch the video and find out more about the campaign.