Five Minutes With Tim Vine

Five Minutes With Tim Vine

Comedian and Banstead resident Tim Vine chats to T&L about his new pantomime Cinderella at Croydon’s Fairfield Halls

How excited are you to be playing Buttons?
I’m very excited. In many ways Buttons is the Panto Hamlet. He is a tortured tightswearing idiot from Denmark. That’s how I will be playing him anyway.

What makes this production of Cinderella different to others?
Well for a start it is the first panto back at the Fairfield halls since its refurbishment. The place looks really great. It’s also quite a ground breaking hi-tech panto. All my clothes are going to be projected on to me. Start praying there isn’t a power cut…

Which is more nerve-wracking? Panto or comedy?
That is like asking me which do I prefer, Formula One or driving? The truth is I love panto because, unlike when I do stand up, I’m not on my own on stage. It’s a lovely change and most importantly… I can share the blame.

Why do you think pantomimes are still so popular?
They are still the best live entertainment shows for all the family. What other show can entertain a five-year-old and a 90-year-old? Then throw into the mix the magical atmosphere of Christmas and you’ve
got a formula that will never die. Music, comedy, an exciting story. It’s all there.

Have you ever fancied playing a baddie?
I’d like to play a baddie yes. Maybe not in panto but on TV. One of my biggest regrets is that I was born too late to be the baddie on Columbo which, as we all know, is the greatest TV detective show ever.

Fairfield Halls is nice and local for you…
My last proper job was in Croydon in an office in Norfolk House on Wellesley Road. I left in 1993. So I’d like to discover some of the old places I used to go to. Is Paninis still there? Great milk shakes. And Greggs, too.

Plans for Christmas?
Well, on the one day I get off for Christmas I’m going to eat plenty and then head straight for an armchair. And probably eat that as well. Happy Christmas everyone!

You can catch Tim in Cinderella at Fairfield Halls from 10 December 2019 – 5 January 2020