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From the Fringe at New Wimbledon Theatre

From the Fringe at New Wimbledon Theatre 

Wimbledon’s very own fringe theatre festival is about to begin. 

#FromtheFringe – a fantastic festival showcasing the best comedians and theatremakers – is taking place at the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre from 5 June to 26 June 2022. Hand-selected from a plethora of top-notch submissions, the festival’s 17 final entries vary greatly in themes and genre – expect everything, from intelligible children’s shows to the best stand-up comedy.  

Highlights include:

  • Foundations – Pixar movie brought to life, featuring handmade puppets and an originally composed soundtrack: a moving story of being human in the age of technology 
  • Simon Brodkin: Work in Progress – the famous comedian (and the brain behind Lee Nelson) returns to Wimbledon with his new-stand up to tackle terrorists, racists, dog owners and his daughter. 
  • Bad Clowns: Invasion – a brilliant high-concept comedy involving the Bureau for Alien Defence, mind control and intrepid special agents.  
  • The Extraordinary Time-Travelling Adventures of Baron Munchausen – the winner of the “Best Children’s Show on the Fringe” at Manchester last year 
  • Love You and Leave You (Dead) – a dark comedy that takes on the topics of grief and obsessive love 
  • Impromptu Shakespeare – how about improvising a Shakespeare play the bard never wrote?  
  • By the Light of La Luna – blending elements of physical theatre and surrealism, By the Light of La Luna is a heartwarming story of five people awaken in a room on the moon 
  • Maureen Younger – stand up comic tries to make sense of her year in hell 
  • The Boys – another dark comedy: this one takes on millennials and their struggles to survive in a merciless economy.  
  • Shoddy Detective –  slapstick comedy inspired by the classics of the genre.  

All events take place at the Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre – a 50-80 seat black box theatre and the original home to many a cutting-edge new play.