Kew Palace Has A Special Treat For Bridgerton Fans

Kew Palace Has A Special Treat For Bridgerton Fans

South west London and Surrey – based Bridgerton lovers are in luck…

Image: (c) Historic Royal Palaces

With the premiere of Bridgerton season 3 finally on our doorstep, fans of the show will be pleased to know there are all sorts of ways you can explore the time period of the show and get into the head (and wigs!) of your favourite characters.

Currently, a wig worn by Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte) in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is on display at Kew Palace. It can be found in the very rooms at the Palace where Queen Charlotte herself spent her final months.

The striking grey wig is a feast for the eyes, with luscious voluminous curls and an accompanying tiara. It is showcased in the Queen’s original dressing room, alongside a lock of the real Queen Charlotte’s hair.

While venturing to see the impressive wig, fans can also tour around the rooms of the Queen, and join daily 30-minute Queen Charlotte: A Kew Palace Story tours, where you can learn all about the time the Queen spent at the Palace, getting a look behind the curtain of this illustrious figure’s private life in this gorgeous family home.

Visitors can also see a collection of objects belonging to the children of Queen Charlotte and King George III, including a doll’s house from the 1780s which may have been made by their daughters, and a letter from George III to his son in 1788 outlining the beginning of his illness. There’s also something new this year: a puzzle map of Italy made by the royal governess in 1765 to teach the children geography.

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Polly Putnam, Collections Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, said, “The Bridgerton universe has introduced the character of Queen Charlotte to a huge new audience and it’s thrilling to display such an amazing object from the series in Queen Charlotte’s dressing room, a room where her actual wigs would have been prepared and put on. We are so pleased to be able to show this incredible wig alongside other treasured objects that reveal the lives of historic royals who made Kew their home.”

On weekends and bank holidays, visitors can explore Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, where the royals loved to take tea during walks in the gardens. Fun fact: this is where the first kangaroos were once kept and bred! You can also book private tours of the Cottage while it is closed to the public.

This is a great way to get behind the scenes of our favourite show, getting a glimpse into the real lives of the people behind our favourite characters…