Panto Review: Wizard of Oz, Epsom Playhouse

Panto Review: Wizard of Oz, Epsom Playhouse

Our junior reviewers joined Dorothy on her adventure into the wonderful land of Oz

Epsom has a proud history of producing a wonderful traditional panto and this year we are promised a show filled with excitement, laughter and the usual panto magic. So we sent in our dream team duo of junior reviewers Rose and Kitty to critique.

You won’t find a more funny, entertaining and interactive panto than the Wizard of Oz at the Epsom Playhouse. All the actors had amazing jokes and I laughed the whole way through. The dancers were amazing, such incredible talents and the tricks in the dances were amazing! The lifts they performed had me on the edge of my seat! They were perfect along side the amazing voices of the actors, the songs that were sung were absolutely beautiful, such incredible voices! Also, all the sets were very well designed with beautiful details and it matches the scenes perfectly! Overall, you must go and see the Epsom Playhouse panto! It isn’t one to be missed! says teenager Rose

Kitty, 10 agreed. “It was the best and funniest pantomime I have ever been to. I loved the songs, the settings and the background dancers. The whole show had a great vibe – every bit was funny and I laughed all the way through. My favourite bit was when three characters changed the lyrics to the songs to make them funnier and better, in my opinion. My favourite character was the scarecrow because he made loads of jokes and he kept the audience involved. My highlight was when they got the water guns out and they sprayed the audience. Beware: you could soaked from the guns or from the tears of laughter.

Wizard of Oz runs at Epsom Playhouse until 1st January 2024.

Prices from £19
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