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Poem: Black Lives Matter

Poem: RACE

Kingston poet Andrea Charles-Munro recognises Black Lives Matter and explores the issues of racism whilst growing up

Respect Accept Consider Embrace

My intention for this is not to offend

Just hope one day that racism will end

Our parents came here to start a new life

Settle down without any trouble and strife

A new beginning it would be

With jobs, happiness and prosperity

At times they were met with frowns and stares

Unkind remarks, like no one cares

This was their new home where they belong

But told to go back to where they are from

Times of frustration and being dismissed

Did they really leave the Caribbean for this?

Hopes of life in a better place

But judged by their colour of skin and race

Gone are the years of shackles and chains

Yet the fight for equality still remains

I remember visits to a well-known store

Being followed each time I walked through the door

Down every aisle, while I queued at the till

Constantly watched till I paid my bill

We all may have a story to tell

Of times we’ve not been treated well

If race is no issue but forms we see

A box to tick for our ethnicity

It’s time for change, for the next generation

Time to end all discrimination

With education and understanding together we’ll grow

We do still have a long way to go

Don’t allow this matter to be left on the shelf

Can’t keep watching history repeating itself

We are the human race and should all unite

We know that racism is just not right

We all have opinions and points of view

Yes, All Lives Matter, but Black Lives too.

Poem RACE by Andrea Charles-Munro


Photo by James Eades on Unsplash