Artist Margaret Knott

Putney Artist: Margaret Knott, From a Lockdown Studio

Putney Artist: Margaret Knott

From a lockdown studio

One of our favourite local artists, Margaret Knott displays her lockdown project, painting one subject per week

Fresh from her studio in Putney, artist Margaret Knott has just finished her latest collection of paintings during lock down. She gave herself a subject each week and painted accordingly; all to help get her through the difficult times.

Taking it week by week, local artist Margaret relished the opportunity of lockdown and it offered inspiration to create new work.

“Lockdown prevented me from my weekly painting session with six local artists whom I would normally meet every Wednesday to paint and put the world right together.”
Artist Margaret Knott is a painter and printmaker. She likes to paint still lives, the countryside and along the Thames, working quickly in gouache, pencil and using everything except a brush. She has discovered that her work as a printmaker, combined with her experience as a designer, has had an enormous influence on the way she views her subject.
“During the period of confinement, we set ourselves a different subject each week to paint, some more challenging than others!”

One subject a week, week by week, got me through these difficult times and ironically inspired me to think about new techniques and themes.

And now at the end of this period, I am able to look at a collection of paintings and drawings with subjects and styles that I may never have considered before. So with the support of the group, this period has been positively productive!

Click HERE to view Margaret’s full ‘lock down’ collection
All works are gouache and graphite on paper, framed.

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