Review: Dick Whittington, Epsom Playhouse

Review: Dick Whittington, Epsom Playhouse

We send our young theatre critics, Kitty, Rose, Ella and India-Rose to check out Dick Whittington at Epsom Playhouse. See what they thought!

Dick Whittington at the Epsom Playhouse is a fabulous show! All the cast were very fun and interactive. The dancers were amazing and smiley and the sets were well put together. The show ran so smoothly and all the actors knew how to make the audience laugh and get on their feet. It put both me and my friend in a very Christmassy mood. The plot was very clever and came with lots of fun, unexpected twists. Would definitely recommend going to watch this, it is a great night out for all ages. In conclusion, it was a great, fun, and entertaining pantomime, definitely go and watch it if you can! Rose, 14

I went to see Dick Whittington. This show had a beautiful set, a great mix of songs and some of the best sound and lighting I have seen. It was amazing. The actors really knew how to make the public laugh and did a great job in getting the audience to interact including parents. It’s a great place to go for a family / friend trip. Not once was I sitting there confused; the plot is clear even for those who have no background information about the story beforehand which makes it even greater for all ages. The song choices were great too as it gave opportunities for the audience sing their hearts out with those family and friends they love.  The actors and dancers had amazing skill and precision. Would recommend highly, one of the best things to do on a night out! Ella, 14

THIS panto was extraordinary. I loved it all and so did my friends & family. All the characters were amazing, especially when they made the audience join in and tell their funny jokes. I loved how they sprayed the audience with water, it was hilarious and all the children loved it. It was so clever how the whole show worked for both the adults and the children, there was a little something for every age. The acting of the characters was brilliant and their costumes were beautiful. The harmonies and songs were amazing. The vibe was spectacular. Thank you for an amazing time – one of the best pantos ever! Don’t miss it. Kitty, 9

Absolutely brilliant! I loved all the little details and the costumes. The dancing was phenomenal and all the tricks they incorporated were amazing too! To be honest, I loved it all 🙂 When the break came, I was over the moon to know that there was still another hour or so left and the fun would just carry on after 15 minutes. My favorite parts were every time they involved the audience, also when they squirted us with water and threw two giant inflatable beach balls at us all. India-Rose, 10

Epsom Playhouse, until 8 January