Hairy review

Review: Hairy

Review: HAIRY

An energetic and engaging performance which sees superhero hairs put through their paces as they bid to become a head hair. By Ellie Holmes

This anarchic comedy is playful and obscure, and with bubbles, water being sprayed into the audience and a pacy show, it is perfect entertainment for the summer holidays.

Hairy is bold and funny and follows the journey of Hairny – who is a follicle. Hairny arrives at Hairy Mission Control with his sights set on becoming head hair, after moving himself up the ranks of being toe hair, knee hair and mole hair.

His three follicle buddies are ready to put him through his hair paces and check that he is ready for hairoic status. But they have some encounters to overcome, including an extensive shaving session, and a battle with Major General Nit ( yes the whole audience was itching).

The four follicles are expressive, nimble and versatile in their representations of everything from Rapunzel to nits.

There are some strong vocal and dance performances, interspersed with hairlairious slap-stick such as when the follicles keep sliding on slippery shampoo, falling down and then getting up again in a laugh out loud repeat sequence.

There is also a brilliant hair fashion show set to some classic tunes, all part of Hairny’s journey to become head hair.

Hairy is the first show created especially for young people by Spymonkey – the UK’s longest running comedy theatre company, and they have chosen a top cast, including John-Luke Roberts, Matthew Faucher, Katie Grace Cooper and a special shout out to Jasmine Chiu and her epic tap dancing routine.

Helen Matravers, artistic director of the Polka Theatre said: “ I am so delighted that Polka get this opportunity to create with the UK’s leading physical comedy company. Spymonkey’s incredible reputation for making inventive and playful works makes them the perfect team to create a truly brilliant and bonkers new piece for young audiences.“

The only stumbling block we had was that my six-year-old did not understand why the hairs had bobbly costumes on as she didn’t know what a follicle looked like. But a quick Google afterwards and all was explained, so it turned out to be informative on the science front, as well as an hairsterical watch.

Hairy is on at the Polka Theatre until the 20 August, before heading to Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre from 24 – 28 August.