Review: Magical Family Theatre at Kew

Review: Magical Family Theatre at Kew

There is no better setting than the backdrop of the magnificent Kew Gardens for a magical outdoor theatrical experience. Lewis Carroll’s classic story of Alice in Wonderland has been beautifully adapted and reimagined, resulting in a production full of laughter, music and fun.  A small, but very talented group of actors skilfully guide us through Alice’s fantastical journey through Wonderland with plenty of audience interaction and clever costume and character changes along the way bringing it just over an hour.

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This production is ideally suited in the 5 to 11 age range, but the actors definitely had both children and adults alike under the spell, which is no mean feat. David Monteith as The Cheshire Cat particular captivated children and the introduction of a comedy double act of the Seven and Knave of hearts was unanimously declared as the funniest part of the show.   A really fun way to spend some wholesome family time together on a gloriously sunny day and the occasional squirt of water woven into the story were very much welcomed by all. Grab a blanket, sun cream and hat, and head down to Kew Gardens this summer before the Queen of hearts threatens to chop off your head. Ticket prices range from £16 for non-members and with free entry into the gardens included with each ticket it’s excellent value for money.

David Monteith – Cheshire Cat/Knave of Hearts

Elsie Bridgwood – Alice

Ian Crowe – Mad Hatter/Gryphon

Lucy Ford – White Rabbit/Doormouse

Paul Hazel – Blue Caterpillar/Seven of Hearts/March Hare

Loren O’Dair – Queen of Hearts/Sister

Steve McCourt – King of Hearts/Mock Turtle


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