Review: No One, Omnibus Theatre

Review: No One, Omnibus Theatre



No One, presented at Clapham’s Omnibus by Akimbo Theatre, is a truly sensational little show.

Based (very loosely, or rather conceptually) on H. G. Wells’ The Invisible Man, it is a fascinating story of one girl (Lexie Baker) going missing at a party, and one illusionist (Halvor Schulz) being accused of, well, disappearing her. I won’t spoil it, but there’s a twist, flying people, flying pizzas and a policeman’s revenge.

It is quite rare to see a fringe show where everything – and I mean, everything – works, AND works together. The acting is very solid across the board – Pierre Moullier as the invisible guy Griffin is perhaps a standout with remarkable physicality, especially in impressively choreographed fight scenes. Owen Bleach and Flo Wiedenbach are an entertaining policemen duo and their interrogation provides a neat frame for the story to fully grow and bloom. And bloom it does, with powerful acting performances, from dancing and fighting shenanigans to heartbreak and grief.

Having a live DJ on stage (Jonathan Ben-Shaul) could have been risky as the story itself takes liberties with the suspense of disbelief – but of course, this too works. Skilfully prepared and performed music illuminates the action and adds a touch of suspense.

It’s honestly amazing. It’s entertaining, emotional, creative, features a diverse multinational cast and eats into your memory. No One was my first show this year – and if this is anything to judge by, bring it on, 2023!

Omnibus Theatre, until 28 January

Image: Lexie Baker