Review: Richard III at Rose Theatre Photo © Shonay Shote

Review: Richard III at Rose Theatre

Review: Richard III at Rose Theatre

Fantastic reappraisal of Shakespeare’s classic


Adjoa Andoh is mesmerising in the part of Richard III at the Rose Theatre, keeping audiences captivated through to the bloody end. Both acting and directing, Adjoa brings an incredible physical energy and insight to Richard III sharing a new perspective of the character which is engaging and enlightening. She both draws you in and reviles you with his motivation and actions.

With a pared back set and minimal costumes, the focus is all on the characters and their relationships, the deep friendship and treachery. The natural outdoors scene refrains from any particular time period and allows Adjoa to shift the audience’s perception to reimagine the premise of the play. The stark comparison of one black person amongst a cast of white people brings Richard III’s ‘otherness’ to the fore through race rather than the disability that saw him cast as an outsider.

The music and singing brings a melodic lightness to the play that is subtle and timeless, with some Morris dancing thrown in giving a light relief from the dialogue.

A compelling reimagining of the Shakespeare classic that will leave you with much to reflect on.

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Rose Theatre, until 13 May

Image: © Shonay Shote