School of rock review


School of Rock review


If you loved the film School of Rock, with Jack Black as the imposter teacher leading a bunch of talented kids on a journey of self-discovery, then nostalgia alone will have you dancing in the aisles at the smash hit musical from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Julian Fellowes. But that is by no means the story here. Last night’s performance at New Wimbledon Theatre received a standing ovation – and deservedly so.

Alex Tomkins in the lead of Dewey Finn absolutely excels – while he takes elements of how Jack Black so successfully played Dewey, he also adds his own touches. But what really takes your breath away is the talents of the young cast – not only are they incredible musicians but their energy and stage presence is astounding. (on this touring production, there are 42 youngsters covering 12 roles).

The music rolls through all of the hits of the film, the sets deftly switch between posh school to a dive bar and to the concert auditorium, and the plot is everything you’d want in a feel-good-musical. My only slight grumble is that it is a bit on the long side – a couple of songs could perhaps be trimmed or some of the exposition.

But this is a damn fun night out – there are plenty of entertaining gags, the tunes amazing, and hats off to such a fantastic cast who absolutely ‘stick it to the man’.

New Wimbledon Theatre , Until 26 March