sian welby



The Capital presenter tells us why she loves living south of the river, her big interviews and what’s next…

Sian Welby has just moved in to her new abode in Wandsworth, and she’s loving it. She’s bought a giant Christmas tree and can’t wait to deck the halls for the festive season.

The co-host of the Capital Breakfast show has lived in south west London for over 10 years, but this is the first place she has owned. “It feels like a proper home. Before that it was all renting and flatshares. I lived in Clapham and Battersea before. And despite being from the Midlands, I feel like a South London girl and would never move north of the river!”

Her favourite places…? “I stand by my view that Battersea Park is the best park in London. I used to go running around it because it was a perfect 5k from home and all around the park, and I used to do the Borrow My Doggy service and take a pooch for a walk! I also like Wimbledon Park and the lake there. For brunch, I love Brickwood Café and Megan’s on the Common – it’s very vibey and fun. And I like The Wandle and The Earlsfield pubs.”

Sian co-hosts the morning show with Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay. She says it was a dream come true to get the job. “I did a demo with the two of them, it was gold and it was just easy. We clicked immediately. I left the room thinking that I want to work with those two, and then I found out later they felt the same about me so it was meant to be.”

“We’ve now got Chris Stark who’s joined the team so we’re an awesome foursome… but I’m outnumbered!”

Before joining Capital, Sian had a show on Heart. She first found fame as a weather presenter for Channel 5, with her creative forecasts going viral, racking up 10 million views online, with the New York Times calling her ‘An Internet Hero’.

Sian has interviewed a host of big names. Who would she most love to chat to? She laughs: “I could manifest this stuff because the last time someone asked me, I said I wanted to interview The Rock and get a massive hug from him. And I literally did just that recently!

“He is the nicest man… polite and humble and generous and just playing along and having a laugh.

“So I’m trying to think who I should manifest next because I’m very lucky to have met some really great people and I’m finding that the more famous they are, the nicer they are because they’re so relaxed and they’ve done the industry long enough to know that if you give a little it kind of works for everyone.

“I loved interviewing Gwen Stefani – she still looks like she’s 20-years-old, she’s flawless. I’ve interviewed Elton John on Zoom but it would be amazing to meet him in the flesh because he’s such a legend.”

Sian’s own taste in music is diverse, having been brought up in a musical household. “My dad used to be a drummer and my mum used to be a singer and we would listen to a lot of different genres. If it’s a good song and it gives me goose bumps, I don’t care if it’s country or if it’s hard rock. At home though, I’m most likely to listen to dance music.”

So, what’s next for Sian? She says there is no plan. “I’ve learned that you can’t predict anything really. I never thought I’d be a weather girl but I did it for six years. I never thought I would be working in gaming or as a sports presenter as I did, or even to have got into radio, and then here I am.”

“I’ve had little mini missions but to know where I’ll be in five years, honestly, I don’t know. I would love to do more TV work one day. They film us in the radio studio now anyway so that’s like a mini TV series! So I’d like to do some entertainment TV. I love having a laugh…I really hope I keep getting these opportunities because I’ve never had a plan B and I don’t love anything else like I love this. It was always my dream to do something in entertainment, whether behind the camera or in front of it.”

Sian supports a number of charities and was recognised by the Mayor of Wandsworth in 2016 for her work. In particular, she has supported Leonard Cheshire’s centre in Wandsworth, which offers disabled people the chance to socialise and take part in activities, and was a regular visitor for many years. “It is an incredible charity. Now things are back to normal after Covid, it would be great to go back in. Those places are so special in the support they provide, I don’t know where we’d be without them.”

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