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The Covid Chronicle

The Covid Chronicle

Artist Wendy Bliss tells us about a new arts project to capture the pandemic years

Think of a Bayeux Tapestry for the Pandemic… and you have The Covid Chronicle in a nutshell,” explains Wimbledon artist Wendy Bliss, who has set up an innovative project to capture our recent turbulent times. “Textile artists from across the world are creating panels depicting their experience. I have been stunned by the number of contributions we have had already, and many more are coming in.

The tapestry will go on tour around the UK next year, and Wendy is lining up venues where the works will be exhibited. People in SW London will be able to see it at the new museum space at Merton Priory Chapter House or the Sunken Garden Gallery at Sunbury.

Wendy, who started out in fashion working for the likes of Zandra Rhodes, and who co-founded the Merton Arts Trail, says: “It’s been great, I’ve had an excuse to talk to people across the world about this project, and found the textile art world to be warm and supportive of this project, as they are of each other. There are panels coming in now from the Netherlands, US, India, the Isle of Man, Portugal, France & Germany.”

The project is in aid of MIND, and the deadline for submissions is the end of December.


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MAIN IMAGE: Christine Highnett