Why our dogs need their routine back

Why our dogs need their routine back

Bruce Casalis explains how Bruce’s Doggy Day Care are helping dogs adjust to life after lockdown.

We are getting back to some normality following lockdown. While we stayed open for key workers it has been amazing to resume our regular services. It’s not just us that need to adjust to the new way of life, our dogs have their own routines and social lives too that need attention.

That’s where we come in. At Bruce’s we go beyond simple dog care to pack all our passion and expertise into making every day at Bruce’s the best day ever. We give dogs a fulfilling social life, a fun-packed daily calendar of bounding about or just hanging out with their favourite furry friends. Here are some of the key benefits our clients and our furry guests love.


Getting out and about has become somewhat of luxury for us all. Allowing dogs to explore and enjoy our facilities means plenty of exercise. Your dog can enjoy swimming, agility and running with friends, coming home content and ready for a nap.


Not all dogs wear capes but all dogs have superpowers. Our experts have fun nurturing the amazing abilities that may get lost in daily life, enriching their lives by encouraging them to put their noses to the ground, and to the test: to dig, chase, jump, track, splash and learn new tricks. To boost confidence, and build bonds.

Puppy nursery.

We have noticed lots of us have made the most of staying home and welcoming a new puppy into our lives. While its been fantastic to have the opportunity to be home while our puppy settles in. Social skills learnt in the early stages of a dog’s life are as important as ever. Our puppy program is the ideal environment to nurture and develop those essential doggy social skills. We enrol puppies from 12 weeks old, introducing them to new friends and activities preparing them for big wide world.


Our doggy buses are fully equipped for a luxury journey to the centre. With bespoke climate control, soft beds and relaxing music your dog will travel in style. We collect your dog in the morning and drop them home happy and tired in the afternoon.

Join the fun.

Not only does our app and online pawtal make booking super easy, we send weekly photos that allow you check out your dog’s weekly pics and meet their friends!


During lockdown we have all missed our hairdressers. Humans and hounds alike. Not being able to visit has led to seriously bad hair days. So a much-needed doggy day care grooming session is called for now more than ever! Our salon means your dog can have a fun packed day, followed by brand new do!

Separation anxiety.

Doggy day care offers lots of other benefits too. Having had their human family home for the past few months, if your dog is suddenly left alone for even a few minutes, they can experience separation anxiety. They don’t understand lockdown has lifted. While you can take steps to reduce this through a careful and tailored plan, if you know you’re going to be out and about on certain days of the week, sending them to doggy day care will ease their stress – and yours.

Get in touch to find out how Bruce’s can enrich your dog’s life. Why not book a virtual meeting or book a visit to come and see for yourself.

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