Wimbledon Community Chorus

Wimbledon Community Chorus

Wimbledon Community Chorus

Soprano & founder member of Wimbledon Community Chorus, Liz Hazell tells us why the group is more than just a choir…

One hundred people, one voice.

One hundred voices, one song.

One hundred songs, many parts.

One choir, one dream, one heart.

This is where music belongs

A song for everyone

“Wimbledon Community Chorus is much more than just a choir; it is wholly inclusive, fun and therapeutic, and brings the community together” Tenor

“Singing is giving out your heart to others, which makes everyone feel they have value and are not alone” Soprano

I never expected to be singing in a choir, that being part of a choir would feel so central to my life, or that singing could give me so much: joy, laughter, refuge, friendship – community.

Wimbledon Community Chorus is a local, friendly and inclusive (no auditions, everyone is welcome) community choir. But who exactly are we?  People just like you! Some of us can read music, many can’t. Many have not sung in choirs before, and a few have. We come together once a week and sing all styles of music: soul, pop, folk, musical theatre, and more traditional choral music – and, without fail, leave a couple of hours later smiling. We sing, we laugh, we share. We are led by musical director Soo Bishop, creative director of Merton Music Foundation, and accompanied by brilliant local pianist and cellist Giles Kennedy. We have performed at the Royal Albert Hall and with some fantastic ensembles such as the Central Band of the Royal British Legion, professional chamber choir Sonoro and the Putney & Wimbledon Brass Band.

Our choir started just over 10 years ago and has been making fantastic music ever since. Undeterred by Covid, we kept going via Zoom to be a positive fixed point in the week for members, some of whom were struggling with their physical or mental health – a comfort in uncertain times. We emerged from “Zoom Choir” in September 2021, initially singing outdoors, until it was safe to meet and sing again indoors.

Our choir is about more than singing: it’s about community. We are currently running a project called Stories, gathering the testimony and experiences of our members from good times as well as bad. We support members through bereavement, illness and various life challenges, as well as being an uplifting celebration of the joy of music every week. The choir means so much to so many, from a reassuring weekly fixture in the diary, to a soft place to fall during challenging times, or simply a light-hearted source of fun. But one thing we all share is a simple love of music and singing, and a recognition that, in coming together as a group, we not only make a wonderful sound, but we forge an incredibly strong and supportive community.

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we are presenting a concert on 25 June where we will premiere a specially commissioned piece by renowned jazz musician and educator Pete Churchill, Professor of Jazz Studies at the Royal Academy of Music. The piece originated from themes suggested by choir members: remembrance, keeping the memories of those we have loved and lost alive through the power of song, and the concept of the choir as a patchwork quilt, comprised of squares of fabric, each one as unique as the chorus member who contributed it. A quilt sewn together by song, its patterns made from melodies, harmonies, words – and our choir members’ stories and memories. Using these two themes as starting points, Pete Churchill has composed an amazing piece for us: Living Memory. We will be joined by the Central Band of the Royal British Legion conducted by BAFTA winner David Cole OBE, Musical Director of the Annual Festival of Remembrance. All profits go to the Poppy Appeal.

Personally, the choir has helped me survive serious health challenges and other difficult situations in my life. I don’t know where I would be without it, and I know I’m not alone in feeling like this. I know for sure that the choir – and being a member of it – has made me a better person. Meeting people of all ages and backgrounds in the choir has broadened my horizons and gifted me friendships that have enriched my life. We really do sing for fun in a choir for everyone.

One hundred people, one voice.

One choir.

One dream.

One heart.


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