Mayfair Townhouse review

The Mayfair Townhouse Review: A Dandy Sleep Indeed

The Mayfair Townhouse Review: A Dandy Sleep Indeed

Connor Sturges reviews 

Turning into Half Moon Street, having swerved speeding bicycles and unruly flocks of pigeons, the Mayfair Townhouse introduced itself in all its grandeur.

The latest uber-luxe addition to the Iconic Luxury Hotels’ portfolio, construction of The Mayfair Townhouse saw 15 Georgian townhouses knocked through to create one of the finest recent additions to the capital’s hotel scene. In case we weren’t aware of the entrance (not likely) uniformed doormen awaited our arrival under the canvas signage, eager to wheel our cases from our clutches.

Award-winning designers Goddard Littlefair undoubtedly took their cues from the flamboyant characters who once frequented the halls of these homes; cue Alfie, a glistening peacock decorated in 25,000 Swarovski Crystals who acts as a pre-check-in greeting.

Such ostentation continues in the hotel’s drink-and-dine offering, The Dandy Bar. Akin to a mirrored jewellery box, my travel companion and I sank into the plush sofas, sipped champagne, and absorbed the finer details as glints of gold and plastered details introduced themselves peripherally.

More Mayfair pied-à-terre than hotel room, our Green Park Suite, albeit cosy in comparison to the suite offerings at sister properties Cliveden House and Chewton Glen, welcomed us with its cosy sitting room. A window adjacent to the door provided ample summertime light and views of the Mayfair rooftops, while the sleek mirror hanging above the sofa appeared to double the space’s proportions. A gargantuan Smart TV, one of two in the suite, perched on the wall by the bedroom door; but we weren’t here to watch movies.

Two marshmallow-like beds awaited us in the bedroom, with gigantic pillows in white and grey tucked up politely against the headboard. The compulsory bed-flop confirmed immediate suspicions – I did indeed have one of the best night’s sleeps of the summer, despite the multiple espresso martinis consumed later that evening.

A pop of colour drew me to the minibar, and the macaroons were subsequently demolished before my companion had a chance to appreciate their vibrant beauty. Well-stocked with mineral water and crafted soft drinks, the minibar was a saviour during our balmy summertime visit, while confectionary favourites later played the role of temptress on our woozy early-morning return to our boudoir.

Clothes hung and folded it was time for our tour, which began with a formal introduction to the aforementioned disco peacock, lovingly created by Clarita Brinkerhoff. Further introductions were made as we admired anachronistic portraits of the Renard/Reynolds family, previous residents of the townhouse… who never truly existed. All part of the playful nature of the hotel, the suspiciously modern portraits of a family adorn the walls, creating a story for guests to become immersed in – as if the winding hallways hadn’t seen enough real drama over the centuries. The Mayfair Townhouse adopted the mischievous fox as its mascot for good reason.

After spending way too long in the rainfall shower and embalming ourselves in every Noble Isle product on offer, we ambled down to dinner as scent explosions alerting the nostrils of casual, yet discerning, diners as we passed.

Cocktails preceded dinner with the guidance of our allocated bartender. The Casanova was more to my companion’s liking than mine – gin is never my drink of choice, but she assured me it catered to the ever-more discerning gin fanatics that frequent the affluent streets of London. The Dandy is one for hardcore liquor drinkers with its potent whiskey base and hint of apricot, while Autumn Blossom was my ideal summertime tipple. Potently fruity, peachy flavours roll across the palate before the rhubarb introduces itself backed up by a slightly bitter aftertaste that has you reaching for another sip.

A casual dining concept in a not-too-casual hotel, the fare on offer in the bar space was just what we needed after sipping away most of the evening. Halloumi fries were a welcome introduction, perfectly cooked morsels a far cry from the rubber chews served up elsewhere. Caramelised onions, smoked streaky bacon, and Lincolnshire Poacher topped The Mayfair Townhouse signature burger, a meaty mountain that was much appreciated. Expecting a truffled explosion, the toned-down risotto was the evening’s only disappointment; and even there, perhaps we had become too accustomed to the good life.

The tiramisu was one of the best I have sampled. Coming from someone who orders the Italian dessert every time it appears on a menu (I almost resembled a slice of it on my return from Verona) this is high praise indeed.

Plates cleared and the last of the Chablis drained from our glasses, our conversation was politely interjected. Would we like to try the team’s signature take on an Espresso Martini?

How could we decline? After all, I can resist everything except temptation.

After being told we couldn’t take the charming Bartender home with us on our departure, we slunk back to our room, close to bursting point, before embarking on a cocktail roadtrip along the streets of Mayfair and into Soho.

A blurry night of laughs and more cocktails later, we retreated to our not-so-humble abode, nibbled on complimentary confectionary, and enveloped ourselves in cloud-like duvets. It was time to do just what the vibrant writing on the mirror left by the evening’s housekeeping team instructed us; ‘always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with purpose… #SleepDandy.’

Be it from the eclectic array of cocktails consumed in the Dandy Bar, an afternoon spent exploring the streets of Mayfair, or the extreme comfortability of the beds, we slept dandy indeed.

Petite pastries called us to the basement dining space, while creamy scrambled eggs, plump sausages, and slices of generously buttered sourdough were pieced together for us pre-departure. Fresh juices, iced waters, and pupil-dilating coffees had hydrated us for the journey ahead, and it was sadly time to bid adieu to the wonky hallways, comfortable beds, and thoughtful staff we had become fond of over the space of 24 hours.

Months had been spent yearning for Ibizan nights, the sharp shock of the mid-season Aegean, and continental breakfasts served by nonnas in Tuscan courtyards. No doubt, my wanderlust could never be permanently satiated by mini breaks along the Metropolitan Line. However, our dalliance with the Mayfair Townhouse, a trip that saw us look differently at the streets we had previously felt familiar with, proved cultural, colourful, and ultimately lots, and lots, of fun.


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