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The Swords Travel Diaries: Botswana. A World Class Safari

The Swords Travel Diaries: Botswana. A World Class Safari

The perfect destination for those looking for the next level in terms of a safari experience

Very much a bucket list destination, Botswana is a land full of contrasts and outstanding wildlife. It is the perfect destination for those looking for the next level in terms of a safari experience or something special. The ever-changing waterways of the Okavango Delta are the jewel in the crown of Botswana and are a must for every safari-lover.

How Does A Safari In Botswana Work?
Put simply, everything runs like clockwork, always with a warm smile, and flexibility is key. OK, you won’t know the exact time of your flight transfer until the day before you depart the lodge but you can rest assured that everyone ends up where they should and when they should.

How Do We Get The Best Safari Experience?
The best approach when planning a Botswana trip is “If you are fixed on the camps, be flexible on your dates. If you are fixed on your dates, be flexible with your camps”. With a low volume tourism model and small, intimate camps, people often book well ahead to secure a favourite spot.

Best Time Of Year To Travel?
The floods arrive in the Okavango Delta around May creating waterways and channels and flooding barren lands. Yet there is no rain for the subsequent five months meaning blue skies and beautiful temperatures. In the evening you will be aware it is their winter and it can be cool, but not cold.

September sees the flood waters recede, but game viewing is at its peak as animals congregate at the remaining water sources. October and November sees daytime temperatures steadily rise, water-based activities will cease in some areas as the flood waters drop further and then the summer rains begin to arrive and with it bring new life.

The camps themselves evolve too – visit in July and mokoro (dug out canoe) trips can be organised from the front of the lodge where the waters rest. By December, the water may have gone and you will be treated to amazing game drives by vehicle. Each land and waterbased camp offers myriad activities that ebb and flow with the waters themselves.

“Wow” Experiences.
If you still haven’t been wowed enough, how about a helicopter trip over the ever changing landscape? Spotting animals moving gracefully below you out of an open sided helicopter is a truly exhilarating and magical experience. Head out on a walking safari with an immensely knowledgeable ranger, or sleep out under the night sky in a star bed appreciating the beauty and majesty of the African bush.

Botswana. A World Class Safari.
Botswana hits the mark when it comes to delivering world class safaris, but the complexities of this intriguing country mean it is essential your trip is crafted with care, so speak to us at Swords Travel to create your bespoke and exclusive trip!

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