3 Reasons a Greenhouse Will Improve Your Life

3 Reasons a Greenhouse Will Improve Your Life

3 Reasons a Greenhouse Will Improve Your Life

In gardening, greenhouses are one of the best ways to improve the living conditions of your beautiful plants and flowers. No matter whether you are an experienced gardener with many years under your belt or a humble novice, a greenhouse will massively improve your gardening experience.

But what is a greenhouse? In short, a greenhouse is characterised by a lightweight construction that supports glass walls and roofs and is made to regulate the temperature to allow certain plants to grow well. A greenhouse is designed to stay warmer inside than the temperature is outside. They come in all sorts of sizes, from shed sized structures to enormous, industrial sized buildings used for commercial growing. If you love your gardening, a greenhouse is a must!

But what are the three main reasons a greenhouse will improve your life? Read on as we take a deep delve into their benefits.

1. Protection From the Weather and Animals

Plants in the UK must contend with the exceptionally changeable and sometimes harsh weather that we are all accustomed to in this country. Greenhouses are a great antidote to our often-inclement weather, providing great protection from the elements no matter the swings in temperature and heavy winds.

However, the weather isn’t the only thing your plants need protection from. Birds, insects and other animals constantly try to attack your beautiful plants. Greenhouses help save your plants from being eaten or damaged by pests, ensuring that they all grow perfectly.

It also provides you with the advantage of growing plants without any potentially harmful and environmentally unfriendly chemicals such as pesticides.

2. Grow Your Plants Out of Season

If you’re a gardener, you probably find waiting for the right season to grow your plants very frustrating. With a greenhouse, you can grow many plants all the way through the winter! If you love growing your veg, then potatoes, carrots, spinach and even lettuce can be grown. With the help of a heater, even cucumbers become possible in a greenhouse! Hardy herbs like coriander and parsley can also be grown. Lovers of flowers will find Daffodils, tulips and amaryllis do very well in the colder months too.

A greenhouse is also fantastic for your crop yield, as you can massively increase the number of plants you want to grow throughout the seasons.

What’s more, the warmer temperatures inside the greenhouse allow your plants to grow much quicker than if they are out in the cold.

3. Variety

Having a greenhouse provides you with so many more growing options. It’s easy to use different sorts of soils in a greenhouse, which means you can easily grow combinations of plants and veg that would be a struggle to manage outside.

As well as this, you can take advantage of growing a wide variety of plant life. Think about it: herbs, vegetables, fruits, and many more plants can be grown in a greenhouse, which would be almost impossible to do well in the garden.

Soon you won’t need to do your weekly trip to the vegetable aisle, as you can get everything you need from your greenhouse!

Get a Greenhouse and Improve Your Life Today

Greenhouses are simply ideal for anyone wanting to grow plants all year round without worrying about animals and the harsh weather destroying them. It takes the strain out of gardening and gives you so many more options to grow beautiful plants, whenever you want them. A happy gardener is a gardener with a greenhouse!

Check out this guide for beginners to get you up to speed on greenhouses and take your gardening to the next level.