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Kingston Private Health: Personalised Care

We find out more about what Kingston Private Health has to offer its patients

Kingston Private Health is the Private Patient Facility, managed by and located within Kingston Hospital, Surrey. The facility has recently undergone some major works to create a spacious and welcoming reception area together with the refurbishment of the single occupancy, ensuite bedrooms.

What does Kingston Private Health offer?

We offer affordable, private healthcare supported by Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the first trust in south west London to be rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

We provide excellent, personalised care across a wide range of specialties to meet individual patient requirements. The care our patients receive is delivered by the expertise and compassion of the area’s leading consultants, supported by a large number of other NHS clinicians and nurses. Our patients have access to state-of-the-art equipment within Kingston Hospital, which means we are able to maintain an uncompromising commitment to patient safety and comfort.

We pride ourselves not only on the outstanding clinical care patients receive, but also the high standards of our facilities and cleanliness. This is reflected by each newly renovated bedroom, all of which have a bright and contemporary design, and easily accessible ensuite showers.

Why should people choose Kingston Private Health above other private providers?
As a patient of Kingston Private Health, not only will you benefit from the comfort and exclusivity that comes with private healthcare, but also be in the knowledge that you will be directly supporting your local NHS hospital. The money generated by Kingston Private Health is reinvested into the Trust’s NHS services, meaning that the delivery of private care within the unit helps support the healthcare needs of the wider community.

In addition, our location within Kingston Hospital means greater peace of mind for our patients given the availability and immediate access to Intensive Care and High Dependency Unit beds should the need arise.

Where are patients accommodated?

All of our patients wishing to have their treatment at Kingston Private Health will be accommodated on our dedicated private patient unit located within Kingston Hospital. Our bedrooms are equipped for patients’ comfort and medical care and include: an ensuite bathroom; remote-controlled flat- screen LCD television providing a selection of Freeview channels; personal telephone; and state-of-the-art nurse-call system. Patients and their guests will also benefit from the use of free Wi-Fi and access to a dedicated private car park. Freshly laundered towels are provided daily. In addition, we provide a range of complimentary, luxury toiletries together with dressing gowns and slippers for our patients’ convenience during their stay.

What catering options are available?

We recognise the importance of diet in assisting with a patient’s recovery, so we ensure a wide variety of choice across our menus. We also cater for any special dietary requirements and our dieticians are very happy to discuss any individual needs.

What finance options are available?

We are delighted to treat patients at Kingston Private Health whether they have private health insurance or whether they wish to pay for the care themselves. Kingston Private Health is recognised by all major Private Health Insurers in the UK. For those without insurance, our location within Kingston Hospital allows us to keep our costs down and offer immediately accessible treatment at highly competitive prices. We also offer a range of package options to those wishing to pay for their treatment themselves.

What does Kingston Private Health offer that other private providers don’t?
Maternity Packages: In conjunction with Kingston Hospital’s Maternity Services, we offer a range of private maternity packages. We believe that at this special time, there is nothing more important than peace of mind for both parents and baby, which is why our delivery packages include 24hr one-to-one midwife care.

Amenity Patients: For those wishing to continue their treatment on the NHS, we offer patients the opportunity to take advantage of the privacy and comfort of Kingston Private Health’s single, ensuite rooms at a very competitive overnight rate. Please contact us in advance of your treatment and we will be only to happy to allocate one of our bedrooms to help facilitate your recovery.

Kingston Private Health
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