Review: micro-needling, Dermalogica at Elys

Review: micro-needling, Dermalogica at Elys

Review: micro-needling, Dermalogica at Elys

Tackling the signs of ageing.

Once you hit mid-life, it’s hard to ignore the signs of ageing. Creeping signs of laughter, fine wrinkles or deeper worry lines. I was looking for a solution that didn’t involve injectables or surgery plus I was keen to avoid any downtime after the treatment.
I asked the therapists at Dermalogica in Elys, Wimbledon about the best options to tackle these signs of ageing. Pro micro-needling looked like the perfect solution, offering a deeper level of treatment than most other facials. It stimulates the collagen in your skin so is effective at tackling fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, deep tissue scarring and pock-marked skin.
If the thought of micro-needling worries you, be reassured that the process was extremely thorough and professional. Starting with a one-to-one consultation and skin patch test with beauty therapist Natalie in Elys beauty hall, we discussed problem areas, she did a thorough analysis of my skin and gave some top recommendations for quick wins, including a light serum which instantly perks up dehydrated skin.
A week later and no adverse affects, I was ready for the treatment. A few preparations are required in the 72 hours before. Avoid sunbathing, alcohol and on the day refrain from wearing makeup.
After a quick check up, we entered into the serene calmness of the treatment room with the beautiful Dermalogica aroma. Natalie is a very experienced beauty therapist with a true passion for treatments. She was previously at Liberty but recently moved to Wimbledon. Not having experienced micro-needling before I felt reassured and relaxed knowing I was in very safe hands.The first stage is a chemical peel. It’s not as deep as other peels, and offers six options that can be combined or used individually to create the perfect peel for your skin. It was itchy in places during the treatment but Natalie kept a light touch massage going to ease it. This only lasted for a couple of minutes before a neutraliser was applied.
There are different levels of needling depending on your need and length of your course. As a beginner I had the lightest one and it was mainly comfortable. You feel it more where the skin is thinner but it didn’t become excessively uncomfortable.

Immediately afterwards I had a fresh, healthy glow and headed back to the office with no noticeable effects. The next day, consciously following the aftercare guidance, used the healing serum and my skin looked good enough to meet a friend for lunch, sans make-up. My skin felt like it had been in the sun, a little warmer and tighter than normal but very smooth.

After a week of applying the serum, my lines on my forehead were noticeably lighter and some dark pigments spots faded. To gain the bigger benefits you need to go for a series of treatments depending on your skin problems. Whilst you can’t completely beat the signs of ageing, you can slow it down.