quick beauty treatments



Make the most of your lunch break. Here’s our pick of the top treatments that can be done in less than an hour!

Quick-fix manicure

Have your nails looking flawless in a flash with an express manicure. Not only is it a great way to sit and enjoy some rest during a busy day in the office, but well maintained nails can give you a more professional appearance.

Beautiful brows

Brows are transformative, they define your face and make your eyes stand out – yet a tint (you will need a patch test beforehand) and shape takes all of 15 minutes. Ask for threading (instead of wax) to leave you with minimal redness, so you can go straight back to your desk without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Enhance your lashes

LVL combines a lash perming technique with a tint to create fuller, longer lashes that last for up to six weeks. Instead of curling the lashes, LVL straightens the lashes from the root, creating length, volume and lift.

Top up your Botox

The go-to method for smoothing out fine lines, this is the very definition of a lunchtime treatment – at least, for Botox regulars. In less than 15 minutes, you can zip in and out of a Botox top-up with nothing more than a bit of redness around the injection site. But bear in mind that if it’s your first time undergoing this treatment, you’ll need a consultation first.

Get a blow dry

A quick blow dry will transform you in minutes (around 45 of them), giving you a polished, glamorous look – perfect if you have an important event or presentation. Try a specialised ‘blowout bar’ that have washing, drying, and styling down to a tee, with experts trained in creating signature styles in a super-speedy timeframe.

A relaxing massage

Ease away tension, aches and pains – and indulge a little. If you choose wisely, you can be back at your desk in under an hour, especially if you opt for a simple head, neck and shoulders session of targeted knot-kneading.

Shrink your pores

An express facial often carries out most of the same procedures as a regular facial, but quicker. Opt for an express HydraFacial to reduce the appearance of pores in just 30 minutes. This treatment usually includes exfoliation and lymphatic drainage, followed by an infusion of hyaluronic acid for plumping.

Laser fix

Laser hair removal takes surprisingly little time – and a few sessions (six tends to be the minimum) means you’ll probably never have to see another razor again. Although the duration will depend on the body part you are treating, the pain is minimal and there is literally no downtime. You will need a few sessions to see optimal results, but there’s great comfort in the fact that we can keep those pesky little hairs away for a lot longer. Worth spreading out over a series of lunchtime appointments.

A make-up makeover

If you have a department store nearby (like Elys or Fenwick), make an appointment at one of their make-up counters and walk away with a new look.

Get a liquid nose job

If you’ve been dreaming of a nose job but are put off by the cost (or going under the knife), try the non-surgical nose job as an alternative to rhinoplasty. It uses injectable fillers to smooth out bumps in just 20 minutes*. The downside? Results generally last from six months to two years. *First timers should allow for an hour’s consultation prior to booking treatment.

Look younger and rested

An injectable Profhilo anti-ageing treatment helps replenish elasticity and firmness by inserting several injections of hyaluronic acid just beneath your skin, helping your skin retain more moisture and stimulate collagen – which, in turn, improves elasticity and volume.