Rude Health at Hampton Pool Summer Soaker Event

Rude Health at Hampton Pool

Rude Health has just hosted the first of several events on the Summer Soaker Lido Tour. The first stop was Hampton Pool, and we had a blast this past Saturday partaking in some healthy summer fun…

Words by Leslie Angela Blanco

All images courtesy of Rude Health

Rude Health is on a nationwide tour this summer, offering an early swim, yoga and breakfast before the venue is open to the public. It’s a lovely initiative to inspire people to get healthy, plus 100% of proceeds from ticket sales go towards the lidos and their local communities, including yoga instructors, photographers, and café staff.

The first stop was Hampton Pool. Arriving early on a Saturday morning, it was a picturesque scene with swimmers enjoying a peaceful dip, kiddos and tots in a smaller pool, and determined yogis practicing their sun-salutations on the grass. As soon as I arrived, I was given a bright orange Rude Health Bag filled with goodies such as a Manilife “peanut butter like no other” jar,  two Rude Health organic granola boxes, a small tube of ‘Global Protection Day Cream’ by Ren, a Ren Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser, and lastly a hot pink Rude Health swimming cap.

I couldn’t wait to get in the pool and enjoy my swim. The water was a perfect temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, and the pool had a friendly mix of top swimmers and beginner swimmers of all ages. It was then time to head upstairs to the café for some food and refreshments. The café terrace not only houses the café itself but also benches on both sides whilst overlooking the two pools as well as the delightful yoga sessions on the open grass. After being warmly greeted by Rude Health staff, they offered some healthy breakfast consisting of granola, fruits, yogurt, and peanut butter bowls. There was also a great selection of coffees on offer.

All in all, a perfect way to kick off your weekend.

The next Summer Soaker Lido event hosted by Rude Health will be at Salford Quays in Manchester on July 2. Tickets are £15.