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Southfields Osteopaths: A Tennis Ball Is Not Just For Tennis!

Emma Poole, who established Southfields Osteopaths 25 years ago, explains how best to avoid summertime aches and pains

Summer is the time when we’re inspired to take up sports and activities that we have grown unaccustomed to. Now is the perfect opportunity to be mindful of your body and address any of those minor aches or pains before you pick up that racquet to reach for that overhead shot or slump on a sun lounger for hours enjoying the sunshine.

At South fields Osteopaths, we find patients have better outcomes after treatment, if they address that minor problem early. We believe prevention and preparation is key to enabling our patients to enjoy their activities and continue their lifestyle with improved mobility and freedom from pain.

Feeling inspired to pick up that racquet now that Wimbledon tennis is here again?

If hitting a ball across the court one sunny afternoon causes you aches and pains, why not use that very ball to help relieve the muscular effect? Racquet sports overuse one side of the body and symptoms often develop after the activity. Running a tennis ball up and down the wall with your upper back can help ease muscular tension. If the pain has not resolved within three days, it may be time to seek treatment.

Or are you ready to take an early holiday to escape the tennis crowds?

Whether it is a last minute dash or a planned long holiday, leaning over to pack your suitcase and then haul it down stairs can start problems. No one wants to leave home with a back injury that takes the entire holiday to repair! So consider packing your suitcase on a table to avoid leaning over and do it downstairs to minimise awkward heavy lifting down a staircase. Maybe leave some room for that tennis ball!

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