Tamla Anderson, Splendid Nutrition

Splendid Nutrition: Feeling Your Best Self With The Right Foods

Kingston based, registered Nutritional Therapist, Tamla Anderson talks to us about her business Splendid Nutrition

Tamla, what can you help clients with?

Clients come to me with digestive issues like bloating and pain upon eating. I see lots of food intolerances and skin conditions, and issues such as chronic fatigue, allergies, fertility, menopause, and help with weight loss. The right food and herbs can help so many conditions. I see men, women, children and older clients. Unfortunately, most clients are quite sick before they seek help.

How does a nutritional consultation work?

Our first meeting will be around an hour and a half. I take clients through an in-depth health questionnaire. We discuss health concerns, history, diet, lifestyle and get to the root of what’s really going on. We agree on an individualised plan for the client to work on. They can always call me for advice or support. My favourite part of this job is seeing somebody 6-12 weeks later, feeling absolutely amazing!

What is the main concern in our lives when it comes to nutrition?

Nutrition affects everything! Our entire physical and emotional health can be positively affected by eating the right foods. Likewise, a ‘convenience diet’, high in processed foods and saturated fats can have a negative affect on our health. This ‘Western style’ diet is a huge factor in the global increase in obesity, metabolic disease and cancer.

What trends do you see in your industry in the next 2-4 years?

The future is really exciting. Two areas of huge growth in nutrition and health are Functional Medicine and the greater understanding of gut bacteria and its impact on our health and wellbeing. When we change our diet, our gut bacteria shifts and this can impact everything from skin health, reproductive health, lasting weight loss and elimination of digestive pain and dysfunction. Functional Testing can predict genetic predisposition to disease and therefore potentially help us to protect ourselves from illness. This will be huge.

Tamla is offering 10% off nutritional consultations booked and (deposit) paid for before September 30th. Email Tamla@ to arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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