Cristian Cairo Life Coach & Author

The 10 Amazing Steps to Success! How to Achieve Your Goals and Live Happily

Life Coach Cristian Cairo talks to us about how he can help you to reach your goals

I’m Cristian, an Italian life coach, published author and previous student of the Italian School of Life & Corporate Coaching. I’m now continuing my professional development with the Coaching Academy’s CDP programme.

In June 2019, I published my book ‘The 10 Amazing Steps to Success!’ – Which is currently a Top 5 Amazon Kindle Unlimited title!

Three years ago I was working in a big supermarket chain as an assistant manager. Despite being very successful I was unhappy and I lost direction in my life. After leaving my job and falling into debt, I found a temporary job and with the money saved, I decided to become life coach as I wanted to help others improve and transform their lives.

I came to the U.K. and found work as an au pair caring for an autistic boy, then later found a job at Hinchley Wood Secondary School in Surrey. Since 2018 I have been coaching people in the education and business sectors, work which provided me with the inspiration to write my book and provide my seminars.

What can I expect from the course?
From the beginning, you will discover how to create a new life, be it in your profession, relationships, money and fi nances, health or personal development. You’ll reach your goals with my exclusive 84 workouts and a FREE life coaching session every month to make sure you stay on track.

My course is divided into 10 steps and it will start with a FREE TASTER SESSION from the 18th of January, and it will be fi nished in December 2020, where we will celebrate your achievement together with a Certificate of Attendance and your Certificate of Goal Achievement!

What is your future plan and what has been the best decision you have made in the last 5 years?
I will be committed to my seminars and I will publish the Italian version of my book, whilst in 2021, I will be publishing a book on how to save money. My best decision was to come to the U.K.!

Seminars start 18th January 10am-1pm at Canbury works. Please contact Cristian for more information and to register, or via Eventbrite: the 10 Steps to Success

Cristian Cairo Life Coach & Author