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Dominie Moss – The Return Hub

We talk to the team at The Return Hub, a firm dedicated to helping employers connect with financial services professionals who have taken a career break or are looking to pivot their careers

Tell us about your business.

The Return Hub is a unique recruitment firm placing professionals who want to relaunch their career after a break, or make a career transition, with employers in the Financial Services Sector.

How did you get into your chosen career and why?

Realising the potential of senior women in the City is something I feel very passionately about. After 20 years working in financial services, I set up The Return Hub in 2016 to fill a significant gap in the executive search market. Traditional recruitment and executive search is great at finding you if you are already in the market, but if you have left your corporate role and are looking to come back, or if you are in a role but want to use your skills and experience to transfer to a new area, you can easily be overlooked.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I love discovering this hidden pool of amazing talent. Working with these women is incredibly rewarding. We help them get their CVs, LinkedIn profiles and interview skills up to scratch via our free webinars. Once we place people back into work it is incredibly satisfying to see how pleased our clients are to have access to such a valuable and talented group that would otherwise be very hard for them to find.

The Return Hub team
The Return Hub team

What makes your business stand out?

Our expertise and knowledge of the financial services sector means we understand what specific skills our clients want and particularly where transferable skills are relevant. My team are all incredible leading ladies in their own right. They have a wealth of personal and professional cross-sector experience, gained from institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Societe Generale, JP Morgan, Citi bank and Lehman Brothers, and they really understand things from our candidates’ perspective. We have consciously built an agile, team-orientated culture that reflects our values and differentiates us from traditional recruitment and search firms. The team share my passion for The Return Hub’s purpose and I think this really makes a difference to the standard of service we are providing.

As the first agency of our kind, we really are leaders in our field. We have just completed our second piece of research for the Women and Work APPG’s 2019 report and we work with the Equalities Office to advise on what the government can do to increase the participation of women in the workforce and to promote awareness of women returners to potential employers. As part of this, we instigated our #TimetoReturn campaign on Social Media. Of course – our most valuable assets are our candidates.

“The Return Hub is what the City has been waiting for. I am so grateful to The Return Hub for helping me to not only re-launch but to also re-invent my career whilst achieving the balance I so craved with two young children.”


What do your candidates value most about your services?

Many come to us by word of mouth – this is always a good sign. They are looking for real career options at a mid/senior level. They value our insight into the market, our honesty and the advice we give them and I think they also like the fact that we are doing things differently with a personal service. Whilst we can’t promise to get everyone a job, we try to have something to offer everyone with our free webinars, resources and events so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by registering with The Return Hub.

The Return Hub
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