Merton Best Business Awards

Merton Best Business Awards: Tips For Applying

The judges know a thing or two about what it takes to become a Merton Best Business Awards winner – here are their top tips

With over 10 judges from the borough, they all know a thing or two about what it takes to become a Merton Best Business Awards winner. If you’re still undecided about entering, here are some top tips to make the most out of your application.

The Merton Best Business Awards is all about celebrating local entrepreneurs and businesses. Getting to the heart of best practice, innovation and inspiring those in the community, past winners have all benefited from the awards – from increased sales and exposure to boosting team morale. After all, being crowned the best in your field is the ultimate accolade.

Meet the judges

However, if you’re still unsure whether to enter or slightly overwhelmed by the application process then help is at hand. The judges of the Merton Best Business Awards will be at a networking event on the 8 May at Wimbledon’s Metro Bank. It’s a great opportunity to not only chat with key figures from the borough, but to learn from the judges themselves about what makes a winning entry. Judges this year include our very own Lucy Kane owner of Time & Leisure, who says:

“I am looking forward to being a judge for this years’ Merton Best Business Awards. It’s an opportunity to use the business skills I’ve gained from working with hundreds of local businesses since Time & Leisure Magazine was established over 20 years ago. Supporting many independent businesses has given me a complete understanding of the challenges they face and the significance of their achievements.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Bithray who works for one of the Merton Best Business Awards headline sponsors WSM Advisors, says: “The Merton Best Business Awards are a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to showcase their passion and entrepreneurial talents. It is inspiring to be part of the judging process, getting to see the variety of entries and the motivations behind the businesses.”

With a wealth of knowledge between them, the judges really do know business – so pop along and chat to them – you never know, it might help you win!

Top tips for applying

Aside from meeting the judges themselves, there are many suggestions that can help you create a winning entry. Last year’s Best Business Winners Ryan O’Sullivan and Sarah Quartermaine from RyGas Ltd said that: “Less is more” when it came to writing the application and they both admitted that in the previous year they had written far too much.

Diana Sterck, CEO of Merton Chamber of Commerce and an award judge, has some sound advice too:

“Be mindful of what will make your entry stand out – what will grab the judges’ attention? It might be a very personal story; it might be your rise from rags to riches; it might be the really strong feedback from your customers; it might be recognition that you have received in the past: it might be the approach you take to business and your customers, so before putting pen to paper (or type to form in electronic submissions), sit back and have a think about what makes your business different.”

Other suggestions to help you with the process include:

  • Make sure your application tells a good overall story and paints a picture of your business or organisation
  • Include some key performance indicators
  • Make sure what you say is evidenced – use your performance indicators, case studies and testimonials
  • Include facts and figures.
  • Make sure your story stacks up – judges will always find the holes in what you say.
  • Show your passion and make it captivating

For a full list of all the application tips click here:

Wishing you all the best of luck!

Time & Leisure are proud to be chosen as Media Partner of the Merton Best Business Awards for the seventh year running. For more information about the awards, how to enter, top tips and more visit the Merton Best Business website