Roopa Basu - Creative by Roopa

Roopa Basu – Creative by Roopa

We talk to lead business woman Roopa, who has worked in the UK and assimilated creative ideas from across the world to bring to her boutique design studio in Battersea

Tell us about your business. Creative by Roopa is a niche design boutique. We have two distinct but synergic aspects to the business – one is the design and print studio, and the other is the online boutique shop, Namoh.

Together we meet and deliver all your creative design and printing needs. From corporate branding, to bespoke wedding stationery, as long as you need something creative, we can make it for you!

How did you get into your chosen career?

It has been a long and eventful journey to where I am today. I had my creative calling, I think, when I got my first box of crayons quickly followed by my first box of Lego bricks. Ever since, no matter how much I wanted to be an architect, a pianist, a world traveller and even a corporate queen, I kept coming back to design.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? Being creative – I enjoy origami as much as Photoshop. The creative process is my source of joy and inspiration.

Is there a secret to your success? Resilience and hard work.

What has been your best business decision in the last few years? Cutting down hours at work and allocating more ‘me’ time.

What can you offer clients that competitors can’t? A unique combination of artistic ability and hands-on business knowhow. Being an artist, I can give an idea wings to fly. But it is my entrepreneurial skills that enables me to work within a budget and schedule. Since I print and produce in my studio myself I can keep a close eye on the whole process. From ideation to completion.

What is the most rewarding part of your work? This might sound clichéd, but it is the happy reaction I get from my customers that make my day. I truly believe that design is interactive. What good is a book that is not read? What good is art that goes un-noticed? What good is a song that is not sung! The fact that I can touch people’s hearts through my designs is the blessing that I find most rewarding.

Creative by Roopa
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