Chateau Rouge

5 Food Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas gift inspiration from the team at Chateau Rouge

Luxury vegan hot chocolate

Artisanal 70% Dark Drinking Chocolate

Our small batch artisan-flaked 70% dark hot chocolate is a luxuriously delicious blend of selected Dominican Republic single origin chocolate and pure Valrhona cocoa powder. Inspired by the 17th-century Chocolate Houses dating back to 1657, we set out to create a genuine, unadulterated drinking chocolate par excellence.

Espresso coffee beans

Barista Italian Blend – Coffee Beans

The most ‘Italian’ of all our coffees – it’s a medium styled blend of six single origin coffees. Each bean is slow-roasted individually and separately before being combined together afterwards in just the right amounts of each by this 5th-generation Italian family business – this ensures that the unique taste profiles of each coffee are maximised when they all mixed together, creating the most fantastic velvet-rich, sweet coffee with low acidity and lovely finish. The perfect Italian espresso for both expert Baristas and gourmet coffee lovers.

Organic earl grey tea

Prince Earl Grey – Organic Tea Bags

A quintessential English afternoon tea with a French ‘vanilla twist’. Producing a light yet fragrant, and stylishly complex refreshing creamy brew – the perfect accompaniment to your best afternoon tea! This luxurious classic is delicately flavoured with Calabrian bergamot oil, wildflowers and hand-cut pure Madagascan vanilla pods (used by Michelin star restaurants in London).

Comes in convenient large 3.2g pyramid tea bags for those days when you don’t have time to make a pot of tea, but still, want to enjoy that same quality loose tea experience!

Raw honey gifts

English Meadows Raw Honey

A lively multi-floral English raw honey from the varied wildflower meadows, gardens and farmlands of the Cheshire countryside in northern England. Produced only in small batches by expert beekeepers on the farm our honey is especially coarse filtered, never pasteurised and straight from the hive ensuring you get the most delicious, freshest and nutritious honey possible, just as nature intended!

Organic fruit jam

Strawberry – Organic Fruit Jam

100% Organic Strawberry fruit jam with a hint of clementine – made from only locally harvested fruits harvested fresh in Corsica, France. Small batch artisan made French recipe using a traditional method that preserves chunky full-fruit pieces without overcooking the fruit or needing to add additional cane sugar to retain the natural intense wholesome flavours. A healthier alternative to more traditional English marmalade.

Made with NO ADDED CANE SUGAR. The total sugar content of only: 48g per 100g (Only from natural fruit sugars).