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5 Tips to Planning Your Next BBQ Party

5 Tips to Planning Your Next BBQ Party

Backyard BBQing no matter the size of your outdoor space

With social bubbles finally extended and the great British summer in full swing, there’s simply no better time to dust off the barbecue to enjoy some friends and family al fresco dining.

But if the thought of hosting a successful BBQ party has left you worried about a lack of outdoor space or the need to brush up on your BBQing skills…don’t panic. From utilising prep time to quick and easy ways to deal with after-party mess, together with Wayfair, we’re showcasing our top 5 tips to ensuring your next grilling get together is a hit.

1. Prep Your Food Ahead of Time

This one’s a no brainer but still makes it to the top of our list. Prep any food you can either the night or a few hours before your guests arrive, as this will help minimise cooking times and leave space for you to enjoy your party.

Pre-cook your meat and any vegetables you plan to grill in the oven before adding them to the barbecue for that last 5 minutes to ensure a delicious smoky flavour. And make time for marinades by whipping up and then rubbing yours into your meat a day early, making sure to store them overnight in the fridge.

2. Smart Set Up

Allocate one side of your space as a seating and eating area and the other side a buffet train, ready for your guests to help themselves to food. Double up by keeping two identical plates of everything at either side of your train, along with plates, napkins and cutlery.

This works especially well for anyone with a small garden or patio area, as people can choose when to grab a bite and avoid build up.

3. Invest in the Right-sized BBQ

Not everyone’s outdoor space has the capacity to fit a larger barbecue, so if you’re struggling to find the space, try investing in a smaller barbecue model or one that is portable. Portable BBQ models are great for city-dwellers with just a balcony or communal garden and are easily transportable, making BBQ parties in your local park a doddle.

Remember it’s not the barbecue but how you grill that makes all the difference to your dishes.

4. Let the Games Begin

The food might have been devoured but that doesn’t mean that the fun should have to stop there. Set up a few kid and adult-friendly outdoor games such as Frisbee, badminton or cards, anything that requires little effort but will guarantee to keep everyone entertained, even those on the side lines.


5. Clean as You Go

Strategically place a few recycling bins and rubbish bags around and encourage guests to clear up their used plates and cups, rather than leave the mess for you to deal with later. The added bonus? Once everyone’s gone you’ll be left with less washing up and more tasty leftovers.