Adam Byatt's

Adam Byatt’s Spring Menu

Adam Byatt’s Spring Menu

Adam Byatt’s Spring Menu is a home cooked, seasonal feast, with fresh greens and succulent lamb dishes sure to be family wins.

Easter, or Eastertide, has to be my favourite time of year, especially for cooking. Spring brings with it the prospect of a new beginning, of happier times ahead – something we could all do with and embrace this year!

Green shoots, in fact, anything green will do and with the prospect of incredible English asparagus and elderflower just around the corner, we should be using up the last of our winter preserves. Hence the wonderful hot cross buns – try using leftover Christmas mincemeat in the mix.

Lamb has to be the order of the day. Spring lamb isn’t actually a thing unless you are into eating baby lamb. Lambs now are reaching a full year of maturity and it’s the finishing on fresh spring grass that makes lamb so great at Easter. Try roasting racks of lamb over a part cooked Boulangère potato bake and serve with excellent seasonal purple sprouting broccoli.

Another great addition to Easter is, of course, chocolate. At Trinity we now exclusively use a company called Islands Chocolate, its ethical practices sit well with me but also the overall flavour of the chocolate is the best I have ever used. You can buy online and try making this unctuous chocolate tart recipe with the 85%.

And as it’s Easter, eggs should feature. Why not try pheasant eggs which are the size of a bantam egg and rich, four minutes for soft boiled. M Moens sells them, otherwise try the Rare Breed Meat Company, which also does home deliveries. And if you can catch the season of just two weeks, try gulls eggs which are expensive but an absolute treat.

Happy cooking over Easter, the most wonderful time…

Adam Byatt is chef and owner of Michelin-starred Trinity in Clapham. Trinity is bringing alfresco European dining to Clapham with a new large outdoor space adjacent to the restaurant, called Outside. In partnership with Ruinart Champagne, the casual and fun new addition opens 12 April and will feature a mobile bar and kitchen BBQ area. Bookings will be taken from 9am on 30 March.

Image: Stuart Bailey Photography.