Bake Like a Pro

Bake Like a Pro with Eric Lanlard

Bake Like a Pro with Eric Lanlard

Eric Lanlard, aka the Battersea-based Cake Boy, reveals how to get the perfect bake…

With lockdown, and the latest series of Bake Off recently on our screens, many of us have been back in our kitchens trying to create incredible cakes and bake our own sourdough. But have we risen to the occasion? Fear not if your bottoms are soggy and your dough is disastrous – here’s Eric Lanlard’s tips on how to bake like a pro…


Read the full recipe and be organised

A little bit of preparation goes a long way. It will help you to avoid getting caught off guard and ensure you aren’t missing anything. Always start with a clean and clear work surface and make sure you have all your equipment and ingredients weighed and lined up ready for action.


Get an oven thermometer

Do not just rely on the thermostat of your oven, especially if it is old or if you notice your bakes are not regular. Invest in an oven thermometer which will give you the correct temperature in your oven. Any variance can stop you from getting a great result.



Don’t be too ambitious

If you are a novice baker start by making basic and simple recipes and gradually raise the bar. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have failed – but remember that disasters do happen, even for us professionals on a regular basis so do not give up!


Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients

Always start with good quality ingredients. If you are investing your time to create something for a special occasion or someone special do not go cheap on the ingredients and always buy the best. Like my boss, Albert Roux, used to say: “Rubbish in! Rubbish out!”. Make sure all your ingredients are at the same temperature – room temperature will give you better results and stop conflict of temperature between the ingredients…. For sponge, the softer the butter is the better your sponge will be.




If you are planning to ice or layer a sponge, always bake it the day before and when cool put it in the fridge overnight. Your sponge will be firmer and so much easier to slice without crumbs and, of course, you can just concentrate on the decoration instead of rushing to do everything the same day.